Chinese People Lose Weight

How Do Chinese People Lose Weight?

Chinese People Lose Weight in Different Ways

According to Chinese medicine, eating a lot of acidic foods, spicy and bitter one are beneficial for your health because those foods are good for weight loss. Compared to salty, sugary and fatty foods which enhance weight gaining. To lose weight quickly, Chinese medicine has brought to develop a series of traditional methods. Indeed Chinese medicine proposed a combination of acupuncture, herbs, diet control, abdominal massage, and breathing exercises to accelerate digestion and treat problems that are supposed to help people to lose weight. Chinese medicine is not enough, but when combined with healthy diet and body exercises, it can lead to weight loss.

The old traditional way

Taking Chinese plants or drinking Chinese herbal tea is very beneficial for the health. Some Chinese herbs could also help to stop the appetite, increasing the body metabolism. The most famous brands among Chinese consumers are Chi Cao Qian, Fu Ling, and Huang Qi, Bao He Wan, that Chinese product contains a variety of different herbs.

Chinese people loose weight


Acupuncture helps people to curb cravings, it increases energy, promotes relaxation, stops appetite, and increases nutrient absorption. Ear acupuncture is considered a very effective practice for weight loss because the ear possesses a number of connection points that represent most of the major organs and body parts. Acupuncturists sometimes put the magnets or beads on the auricular points after each acupuncture treatment to ensure more efficiency between sessions. During a consultation with an acupuncturist, a thorough examination will be needed to understand what points on your body need to be stimulated. When the needles are inserted into certain vital points, they improve and restore the flow of life energy called “Qi”. According to Chinese medicine, “Qi” stagnation in certain areas of the body can cause weight gain.

Diet teas

The tea is an integral part of the lives of Chinese people. Many studies have shown the health benefits of tea, especially for the green tea, a product that is increasingly sold worldwide for its health benefits and its influence on weight. Diet teas are designed to facilitate weight loss by cleansing toxins and waste while enhancing the body materials. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) determine how our body works. The missing piece of the weight loss equation is energy. Indeed, regarding Chinese medicine, it is the energy that is responsible for our vitality, control the function of our body and well-being. If this energy is strong and balanced, our ability to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight will be improved. Among the practices of traditional medicine that promote weight loss, meditation also plays an important role. In traditional Chinese medicine, weight regulation, do not only depends on calories intake and expenditure of energy, but it also depends on the focus of the “Qi” maintenance. According to Chinese medicine, The “Qi” will be responsible for raising your metabolism up and makes you feel good.

The Chinese way of eating foods is well known to evacuate toxins and restore balance to the body. Indeed, most detox methods adopted by western cultures such as drinking green tea or hot lemon water consumption are already very well-known in China.

The actual trend for Chinese People to Lose Weight

For effective detoxification, instead of a strict diet, traditional Chinese medicine offers methods which could provide a quick solution to cleanse the body and mind. these methods can be easily integrated into our daily routine in order to achieve sustainable results throughout the year, with the main results obtaining a flatter stomach, improving sleep, clearer skin and increase energy levels.

Chinese Tea Detox

Most of the Chinese herbs use to clean the kidneys, liver, lungs and blood. Detox Drink tea regularly will help to feel calmer and provide more energy and clearer skin. The teas have many powerful herbs such as honeysuckle flower, red clover, dandelion root, and ginger root. Mixed together, these herbs promotes the flushing of toxins absorbed by the body via the environment and the food such as pollution, caffeine, smoke, alcohol and more.

  • Ho Yan Hor Herbal Tea is known as a bit of a miracle by the Chinese and is very appreciated thanks to its great capacity to heal colds and relieve headaches. Made a basis of a carefully selected mixture of 24 Chinese herbs, each with specific nutritional and medicinal properties well.
  • Oolong tea is possible to increase the ability to burn up to 10% fat and drink about two cups a day will clean the system.
  • Green tea is known to eliminate toxins from the system and possesses a kind of antioxidant called catechins, which increases liver function.

Suction cups

Cupping, a technique for painless detoxification practiced by the Chinese for thousands of years, is widespread in the world in recent years. Similar to acupuncture, cupping promotes blood flow and treats infections, colds, and joint and muscle pain. The practitioner places the cups made from glass hard directly on your skin to create a depression. Pumps will allow increasing the suction and your skin inside the cup increase.

Chinese Super Foods

  • Chinese people are eating a type of noodles made from starch mung bean and is thus filled with antioxidant. It also possesses low calorie and are a gluten free alternative to noodles.
  • Pak Choi, is a green leaf, part of the richest detox diet foods, it promotes digestion and is rich in vitamins A and antioxidants.
  • Sesame seeds are known to effectively protect liver cells against the harmful effects of alcohol and other chemicals. Sesame seeds are a good choice for a body cleanse.
  • Ginger is a powerful digestive aid, it is a natural anti-inflammatory rich in antioxidants.

The new tendencies for Chinese Consumers to lose weight

One of the Western tendencies to fight against weight gain are cleansing juice. A juice cleanse is a kind of diet that is a diet based on raw fruits and vegetables. these juices facilitate flushing of toxins in the body by giving the digestive system a time to skip large meals. During those three years, the market in China of cold pressed juice experienced a breakthrough from zero to around nine companies on the market. But this healthy trend has now become a commonplace, and many companies have opened physical stores.

Proteins are known to be of the body building blocks. Proteins are made of amino acids called elements combinations that combine in various ways to make bones, muscles, hair, tendons, skin and other tissues. They also possess other functions, including the production of enzymes and nutrient transport. In addition, athletes use protein to repair and rebuild muscle that is broken down during exercise and optimizes storage of carbohydrates as glycogen.

The market for protein is clearly growing, this is due to increased consumer awareness report physical health. the proteins are also seen as dietary supplements by most consumers and proposed forms of capsules, pills, powders, granules and tablets. Some of these proteins are performance enhancers, weight loss, meal replacement powders etc. The proteins are also used to manage weight and replace meals. The high availability of these proteins in most places in China such as fitness clubs, pharmacies, health food stores and supermarkets, which give consumers an easy access to products and creating a large market penetration for proteins.

In China, there is very little domestic protein powder brands, the competition is high with the invasion of imported brands.


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