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Gen Z emerges as a new advocate for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gen Z and Traditional Chinese Medicine banner

The emergence of Generation Z as vocal proponents of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is unmistakably evident across various digital platforms. Short videos featuring demonstrations of the “Eight Brocades” exercise have amassed over 30 million views, accompanied by an impressive 33,000 barrage comments. Moreover, the phenomenon of crowded massage departments in hospitals, predominantly filled with young […]

China’s food & beverage industry white paper

The shifting dynamics of Chinese dietary habits reflect a complex blend of socio-economic and cultural influences. With rising prosperity and heightened health awareness, consumers are increasingly valuing quality and freshness in their food choices, driving a trend toward premiumization. This shift extends to beverages, where the burgeoning popularity of healthier options and the coffee craze […]

Health supplements and vitamins in China: a promising market dominated by foreign brands


The health supplement and vitamin market in China has been growing rapidly in recent years. From 2019 to 2022, this market witnessed an impressive 45% increase in revenue in China, with sales reaching US$4.7 million in 2022, which surpasses every other country. The function consumers are seeking the most is immunity-boosting and among vitamins, the […]

How do Chinese people lose weight?

In 2021, over one in seven Chinese people were overweight. In combination with this statistic, the beauty standards in China are relatively unforgiving towards extra weight. As a result, China’s demand for weight loss remedies is rising quickly. But to penetrate China’s weight loss market, the question is how do Chinese people lose weight? Chinese […]