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What does the CAI mean for the European Automotive Industry?

EU-China investment deal impact on auto industry

After seven years of negotiations and serious concessions on both sides, the European Commission and the Chinese government finally reached an agreement on the European Union (EU)-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI). This investment deal serves to re-balance investment relations by allowing each party more access to each other’s market. As such, its successful implementation […]

China Paradigm 122: Angel-investing in China with a 26% compound return

Angel-investing in China

Angel-investing in China with a 26% compound return In this episode of China Paradigm, we interview Philip Beck. Philip Beck – 贝曦贤 is an Australian-born entrepreneur who’s been living and working in China since 2005. After 32 years across Asia-Pacific (1976-2008) as CEO and/or COO of publicly-listed international 4A’s media agencies and recruitment companies, Philip […]

The economy of Wuhan: A hub of commerce, education, industry and politics

Economy of Wuhan

For many globally, Wuhan has recently been put on the map from being the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, even before COVID-19, Wuhan was newsworthy for its economic importance and key roles in transportation, education, industry and politics. Situated in central China on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, Wuhan commands one of […]

China’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) outbound investments and policy

China market research

Introduction to the market for mergers and acquisitions in China With its emergence as a strong global economy, opportunities for mergers and acquisitions in China have increased in number and scale. However, financial, regulatory and cultural complexities surrounding Chinese transactions present unique challenges. Despite the overall global economic decline, M&A in certain sectors such as […]

The venture capital market in China: Could the Coronavirus eventually revive startup investments?

venture capital market in China

From the late 80s, China has demonstrated success in transforming its economy from being factory-driven into innovative-driven. This has been occurring together with the government’s strong financial support to position the country at the forefront of technological innovation. The ‘Torch Program’ represents the keystone of this strategy, being the catalyst for startup investments in China. […]

China Research: uncertain future of VIEs

Certain industries in China are technically off limits to foreign investors, yet foreign companies have managed to invest indirectly in several Chinese companies within these sectors for over a decade. Using V.I.E.s (variable interest entities), foreign investors replace direct ownership of a company through contractual agreements with holding companies that invest in these restricted companies […]

Market Research: Investment Corporations in China

In China, investment corporations are a kind of financial inter-mediation, whose main function is to gather money from individual investor and invest in multiple stock securities and other assets. We all know the saying ‘Do not put all eggs in the same basket’. The basic idea of an investment company is to collect capital and pool the […]

Business intelligence: Investment in China

Investment is a broad and general concept covering the process when money is converted into capital. Based on the criteria of fund-raising channels, it is classified into direct investment and indirect investment. The first refers to investing directly into a program to change it into capital, or buying the investment of current enterprises. The latter […]