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L’Oréal in China: 23 successful brands and 6 marketing methods

L’Oréal in China

L’Oréal, the world’s largest cosmetic company, entered China’s market in 1997. Since then, L’Oréal in China has expanded and become one of the nation’s most loved and purchased luxury cosmetic brands, with China its second largest market in the world. “I believe that one day China will become the No.1 country in the world in terms of […]

How to approach Perfume market in China

How to approach Perfume market in China To understand the current perfume market in China, one must first understand China’s history. Perfume was very present in China’s culture during its imperial years, all the way up to the 1920s and 30s. It was associated with royalty and wealth, and many perfumes were produced locally, especially […]

Research: China’s growing demand for foreign luxury cars

Despite a recent decline in China’s car exports, its domestic automotive market continues to grow, especially in the premium car segment. The country’s total June car exports amounted to only 84,000 cars, one-fifth fewer than the same period last year, but this drop was accompanied by an 11% increase in cars sold in the domestic […]

Market study: Luxury brands In China

Chinese counterfeits hurt Lafite Some brands are finally beginning to fail in the Chinese market. The Lafite case is pretty typical. Enthusiastic pursuit towards Lafite in China began in the year 2000 and continued  for the following 10 years as the price kept rising by 30% every year. Lafite became a sales legend in China […]

Luxury Brands In China: Luxury Car, Hermès and Gucci

As China became the world’s largest auto market, the rate of luxury car sales has doubled. In the year of 2002, Bentley officially opened China’s market. In 2009, 421 Bentley cars was sold and China has become Bentley’s third largest market, only following the United States and Britain. In July 2010, Bentley established the Bentley […]

Report on Attitudes Towards Accessories and Luxury Goods in China

Increased disposable income and changing consumer habits have resulted in a growing number of Chinese consumers being able to indulge their passions for luxury goods. Indeed, the massive increases in wealth amongst many have meant that spending on luxury goods has made Chinese consumers the second-largest group of those purchasing these products in the world. […]

Market research: Burberry and Coach

Despite the global recession, Chinese consumers’ willingness to purchase luxury goods remains intact. Even when facing the threat of the 2008 financial crisis and its after effects, the demand for luxury goods in the Chinese market is still growing. Over the past few years, many international luxury brands sensed this opportunity for expansion and entered the […]

BMW in China

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) defines China as its mature market segment doesn’t mean it neglects China as one of its important markets. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, best known as BMW, is a German automobile, motorcyle and engine manufacturing company founded in 1917. In 2010, the BMW group produced 1,481,253 automobiles and 112,271 motorcycles across all its brands. […]

Luxury Brands In China: Luxury Watch and Private Jet

Luxury Brands In China: Luxury Watch and Private Jet For more analysis about luxury brands in China, click here. On June 30 2012, the 159-year-old Swiss famous brand—Tissot held an “inherit classic ·years of accumulation”listing conference in Harbin. Authoritative data shows that in 2010 , the annual consumption of luxury watches was 22.5 billion yuan, accounted […]