Luxury Brands In China: Luxury Watch and Private Jet

Luxury Brands In China: Luxury Watch and Private Jet

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On June 30 2012, the 159-year-old Swiss famous brand—Tissot held an “inherit classic ·years of accumulation”listing conference in Harbin. Authoritative data shows that in 2010 , the annual consumption of luxury watches was 22.5 billion yuan, accounted for 45% of all luxury consumption. Watches

have became the largest category of luxury consumption in China. In 2011 , China spent 42.6 billion yuan to buy Swiss watches , accounted for 32% of the total Swiss watch exports to become the largest buyer. In January 2012 to April , the Chinese have spent € 12.5 billion on Swiss watches , an increase of 26 percent over the same period last year . What’s worth to mention, although Beijing and Shanghai is generally the first choice for luxury brands, the watch industry is a exception. The north-east China market often became their preference.

With the increasing number of rich men , China’s private jet market size is soaring. Private jet has transformed from luxury goods only for billionaire into transport for business travels. In the latest release of the industry forcast , Boeing and Airbus companies both think that in the next 20 years , the Asia-Pacific region will surpass North America and Europe to become the world’s largest aviation market .Some industry insiders anticipated, Chinese potential customers who could afford private jets would be more than 300,000. This attractive piece of cake will undoubtedly make the world’s aircraft manufacturers salivating . Recently, private plane Airbus also designed a plane specifically for the Chinese market, which has the red interior decoration and kara OK facilities, as well as a round dinner table that could be changed into square mahjong table. However, due to the extremely strict approval control of the airspace and the cumbersome process , many private jet owners have to use them under the rose.

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