Daxue Talks 39: Are WeChat and Douyin suitable channels for B2B in China?


In this episode, Olivier Verot, a digital marketing specialist in China, discusses the use of social media such as WeChat and Douyin for B2B businesses in China. You will learn how to best leverage the potential of WeChat and Douyin for a B2B marketing strategy and which other platforms are best suited for the online […]

Branding in China: Connecting directly to Chinese consumers

branding in china

To successfully develop a brand in China, it is not enough to take a short-term outlook and try to sell into every available market. Doing so risk eroding long-term prospects. So, some brands sell directly to Chinese consumers through direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels while branding in China. International brands like Nike or Louis Vuitton have already […]

Why Astrology is popular in China

astrology in China

A trend to watch for marketing to young women Astrology is defined as “The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.” It originated from the western society. Nevertheless, astrology is popular in China and has affected Chinese people’s daily lives […]

Daxue Talks 27: Quick Guide on affiliate marketing for Douyin in China


In this episode of Daxue Talks, we bring back our guest Olivier Vérot, the founder of the Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA). With Vérot we talk about how Douyin is becoming a powerful marketing platform and its implantation into the formed social network landscape of China. Learn everything about affiliate marketing for Douyin! ACCESS THE TRANSCRIPT […]

Podcast Transcript #75: Make full use of QR code for marketing in China

QR code for marketing in China

Find here the China Paradigm 75 where we, Daxue Consulting, interview season entrepreneurs in China. In this episode, we are with Benjamin Claeys to understand his entrepreneur journey in China, he is a pioneer in using QR code for marketing in China, and have set up several Chinese customer engagement platforms for innovative marketing. Full […]

Daxue Talks transcript #8: Key figures and insights on Douyin in 2019


Find here the Daxue Talks episode 8. From the talk with Fabian learn in 2-5 minutes about some key figures and insights on Douyin in 2019. Full transcript below: My name is Fabian, I am the founder and co-director of UPLAB, a company where we help influencers become better at who they are and at the […]

Daxue Talks 8: 5 minutes to understand Douyin marketing

Douyin marketing

Douyin marketing Fabian Ouwehand, Douyin expert and entrepreneur in China, gives us the most recent information on the Chinese digital giant, Douyin (called Tik-Tok in the West). In 5 minutes, find a clear presentation, Douyin’s 2019 figures and key insights to understand how the APP works. Jump to the questions: 0:40 What is Douyin? 0:55 […]

Daxue Talks 3: The differences between the main cross-border platforms in China

cross boarder e-commerce China

Differences between the main cross-border platforms in China The second guest of the Daxue Talks show is Olivier Vérot, the founder of the Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA). In this China business vlog, we ask Olivier the first portion of most frequently asked questions about cross-border platforms in China. Jump to the questions: 0:35 What are […]

China Paradigm 57: Optimizing business in China with maintenance consulting

optimizing business in China

Bruno Lhopiteau, Managing Director and Founder of Siveco China, speaks with Matthieu David-Experton. In this episode of China Paradigm, Bruno talks about how Siveco China is optimizing business in China using their BluebeeⓇ solution, maintenance consulting, and Industry 4.0. 1:16 About Siveco China 4:15 How Siveco China helps companies optimize 5:50 Services provided by Siveco […]

An exemplary cross-industry collaboration example in China: What do lipstick and China’s most popular mobile game have in common? | Daxue Consulting

mac and honor of kings

M.A.C successfully collaborated with China’s biggest mobile game to boost brand awareness Cross-industry collaboration in China. Last month, the Canadian cosmetics brand M.A.C and the most popular Chinese mobile game Honor of Kings released five co-branded lipsticks, featuring the lip colors of 5 well-known game characters. This cross-industry collaboration has become a huge success and […]