Dior in China: A prime case of luxury fitting into a Digital China

Dior in China

Christian Dior considers China as a major market Founded in 1946 by French designer Christian Dior, Dior is one of most famous fashion luxury brands in the world. Since its founding at Avenue Montaigne in Paris, Dior has always been synonymous with magnificence and elegance. The first womenswear collection by Christian Dior in 1947 caused […]

The Perfume Market in China: An Opportunity among the Elderly

The Perfume Market in China It is said that the market value of the global perfume industry reached $39.4 billion in a steadily rise, which is expected to reach $45.6 billion in 2018. Jean-Luc Ansel, chairman of Valley Cosmetic, expects the global cosmetics market is expected to reach 30% in 2030. Its main drivers are […]