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Mobile payments in China: How China became a cashless, mobile-first country

Mobile payments in china

An unmistakable shift towards a cashless society can be observed in China with electronic payments becoming widely prevalent throughout the country. The influence of digital payments extends beyond urban centers to rural areas, where it has positively impacted the lives of residents and small businesses. With the integral role of mobile payments in China examining […]

Daxue Talks transcript #82: Can you access LinkedIn behind the firewall in China?

Linkedin features in China

Linkedin features in China Find here Daxue Talks 82. In this China business vlog, Julien Sicard and Tamar Hela from LinkedIn Local Asia (Shanghai) provide their insights on censorship in China and how top HR and headhunters utilize LinkedIn, one of the very few western social network platforms accessible in the local market. Full transcript […]

Podcast Transcript #75: Make full use of QR code for marketing in China

QR code for marketing in China

Find here the China Paradigm 75 where we, Daxue Consulting, interview season entrepreneurs in China. In this episode, we are with Benjamin Claeys to understand his entrepreneur journey in China, he is a pioneer in using QR code for marketing in China, and have set up several Chinese customer engagement platforms for innovative marketing. Full […]

Podcast transcript #25: How to leverage Chinese mobile payment overseas

Chinese mobile payment

Find here the China paradigm episode 25. Learn more about Annie Guo’s story in China and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu: Hello, everyone. I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting, and this China marketing podcast, China Paradigm. Today, I am with Annie Guo. So, we found out […]

Advertising trends in China: How do brands occupy metro space? | Daxue Consulting

Advertising in Chinese metro

Metro systems worldwide are beset by advertisements, and China is an exception, with some of the largest metro systems in the world. Daxue Consulting deciphered the strategy to advertise in the Chinese metro, including positioning, targeting, advantages, innovations, everything you need to know! Tips for one of the most active advertising methods in China: Metro […]