The sunscreen market in China is becoming more functional and premium

sunscreen market in China

Among Chinese consumers, the preference for pale skin as a beauty standard is alive and well, and one of the products benefiting from this trend is sunscreen. With the continuous improvement of Chinese consumers’ awareness of skin health, sunscreen is no longer just for sunny summer days. Many now use it daily in the cold […]

How skin whitening in China impacts more than just the beauty industry

Skin whitening in China

Skin whitening in China is a prevailing beauty standard which has persisted throughout history. In ancient China, white pale skin was a key differentiator to highlight one’s elite social status. Since Chinese farmers and low-level laborers spent a lot of time on the sun, they had darker complexions. In addition, ancient Chinese literature further emphasized […]

How Winona became the #1 brand for sensitive skin in China

Winona China market strategy

Winona, founded in 2008, is a Chinese skincare brand that specifically targets sensitive skin. Although faced with many strong incumbents in the industry, Winona was able to appeal to customers and rank number one in the sensitive skincare category in 2020. In June 2020, Winona’s parent company Yunnan Botanee Group, a biotechnology manufacturer, filed for […]