The success of Sexy Tea 茶颜悦色 and queuing culture in China

Sexy Tea modern China tea shop

Since 2018, China’s new-style tea market has ushered in explosive growth, with an annual growth rate of about 74%. According to the data of the new tea report released by CBNDATA, as of 2019, China’s new-style tea market has reached nearly 100 billion Yuan. It seems every month we hear about a new viral tea brand […]

How LELECHA broke into China’s milk tea market with two “dirty” products

Lelecha new-style tea brand in China

In 2017, the new-style “milk tea” exploded out of the blue into China’s tea market. In Shanghai, many internet-famous (wang hong 网红) milk tea brands, such as Hey Tea (喜茶) and LELECHA (乐乐茶), have become a big hit. The new LELECHA opening in Xintiandi (新天地) went viral on social media. The lineup was no less […]

What the success of bubble tea in China reveals about Chinese consumers

Bubble Tea in China

With more than 140.5 billion RMB of annual sales made by milk tea shops in 2019, the success of bubble tea in China is well proven. If you are lost among all the new entrants to the market, the latest innovations and the dynamics of the sector, this article retraces the history of bubble tea […]

The success of Nayuki, the Chinese new-style tea store going global

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In contrast to the downfall of the Chinese coffee-based beverage company Luckin Coffee, China’s new style tea market did not cease to expand during the pandemic which caused major economic recessions across the globe. Nayuki, A local Chinese new style tea company, announced its new round of funding this June, which was a nearly 100-million-dollar […]

Business turnaround in China: What is the future for Luckin Coffee?

On April 2, 2020, Luckin Coffee (Ruixin Kaffei瑞幸咖啡) confirmed that its sales numbers were inflated by a total of CNY 2.2 billion (USD 310 million) in 2019. This number represents approximately 45% of its projected final sales. Suspicions of fraud had already been hanging around for several months after the investment firm Muddy Waters released […]

The tea market in China: Analysis of the largest tea market in the world

the tea market in China

There are 7 types of tea leaves in China: green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, dark tea, and floral tea. Since 2014 the new style tea is becoming popular in China. The new style tea (新式茶饮) consists of fresh tea leaves and milk or cream. It also includes tea’s with toppings […]

Podcast transcript #15: The challenging Chinese coffee industry

coffee consumption China

Find here the China paradigm episode 15. Learn more about Carol Liu’s story in China and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello everyone and welcome in this new episode of China Paradigm, the China business podcast where we interview entrepreneurs in China. Today I am with Carol […]