China’s golden week 2020 reveals new economic trends

China's golden week 2020 tourism

According to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, during China’s golden week, which this year was a combined National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, the retail and restaurant industry reached 1.6 trillion RMB in sales. Compared to the last year’s golden week, the average daily sales grew 4.9%, despite the global impact of COVID-19. Since the COVID-19 […]

China’s winter apparel market is taking off with winter sports and winter tourism

With a middle class that is growing by the tens of millions, China is home to many size-able and burgeoning markets. Some of these markets are powerhouses in themselves when measured in comparison to those of other nations. Over the years, China’s various markets have doubled, tripled and even quintupled in size. Some have however […]

The travel insurance market in China: Strong demands from the growing tourism industry

The travel insurance market in China

As a key part of the non-life insurance market, China is one of the largest tourism markets for both domestic and overseas tourists. In 2018, Chinese tourists made about 150 million trips overseas, and there were 55 billion trips within China. The drivers of the travel insurance market in China include higher disposable incomes, simplified […]

[Interview] How to reach on high-end tourism market in China?

Daxue consulting-high-end tourism market in China

Over the next few years, how will the high-end tourism market in China evolve around the upcoming adventure travel segment? Published on June 5th 2016, Hurun Report’s (胡润百富) annual study about Chinese luxury travelers displays a shift in wealthy traveler expectations. Indeed, whereas leisure travel was the most popular travel theme in consumers’ minds for […]

Ecotourism Industry in China: Underdeveloped but with High Potential

Ecotourism Industry in China. Many of the negative impacts from tourism occur when a number of visitors are higher than the environment’s ability to cope with the volume of visitors. The tourism industry in China continues to grow and is accounting for a significant portion of the national economy. However, the ecotourism in China still […]

Market Survey on Outbound Chinese Tourists

Travel agencies and hotels from every corner of the world are attracted by Chinese tourists. Why everybody in tourism want to attract them? How to generate profit from them? Why Chinese tourists? People target Chinese tourists mainly for two reasons: China’s population and growing consumption capacity. Let us take a look at these factors. Huge […]