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A guide to engage with Chinese travelers in 2023

daxue consulting duty free consumption in China

Chinese outbound tourism is on its way back, and brands are making moves to capitalize on the upcoming travel retail opportunities. The 2023 Chinese New Year period already saw a 23.1% bump from 2022 in domestic trips, according to the Chinese travel booking platform Qunar, and outbound trips rise is predicted to follow. A publication […]

How young Chinese consumers are finding themselves

How Young Chinese Consumers are finding themselves

We analyzed the overarching trends of young Chinese consumer’s ambitions. To go beyond consumer trends and expose societal trends, we uncovered the correlations in consumer habits, social listening, in-depth interviews, and successful brand strategies. In this report we define young consumers as Chinese millennials and Gen-Z, or in Chinese terminology, the 90后 (those born after […]

How wealthy Chinese spend their holidays: New trends shaping China’s luxury travel market

Due to the pandemic and the continuous lockdowns in China, China’s travel market, especially China’s luxury travel market has faced big challenges. In 2019, China’s domestic tourism revenue reached 5.73 trillion yuan. However, in 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused revenue to plummet by 61%. Although looking more optimistic, China’s domestic tourism revenue in 2021 stopped […]

The home-sharing market in China: What are the Chinese alternatives to Airbnb?

The home-sharing market in China is experiencing unprecedented growth. In addition to short term rental apartments, listings on major platforms also include B&B hotels, and vacation home rentals. After the Chinese government issued a directive encouraging new forms of commercial accommodation to meet the consumption needs of the general public in 2015, the industry experienced […]

The Chinese cruise industry: Where gambling, family time and adventure come to meet


The global cruise industry is a growing market. Between 2009 and 2019, the global industry grew on average 5.28% per year. It hence increased its total passengers from 17.8 million in 2009 to 29.7 million in 2019. The Chinese cruise industry plays an important role on an international level, with Chinese consumers being the second […]

The Chinese airline industry prepares for take-off

Chinese airline industry

The Chinese airline industry has shown impressive growth in recent years. The number of air passengers in China has increased from 229 million in 2009 to more than 659 million in 2019. China’s busiest three airports are located in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, those three airports are also ranked in the top 15 of the […]

Chinese silver generation drives the tourism market

Chinese silver generation tourists

The silver generation in China includes people aged 60 and over. They are an important consumer group as China has gradually morphed into an aging society as a byproduct of the one-child policy. In recent years, with the improvement of the quality of life of middle-aged and elderly people, after retirement, the number of Chinese […]

5 Chinese domestic tourism trends brands should know in 2021

Chinese domestic tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic made 2020 a challenging year for many industries, particularly, tourism has become one of the most affected sectors. Outbound travel, which had grown fast among Chinese consumers, experienced the toughest winter yet, due to international airline control and cross-border travel restrictions. On the contrary, thanks to the effective response to the COVID-19 […]

China Paradigm 95: Navigating the travel industry in the time of the Coronavirus

travel industry in the time of the Coronavirus

The travel industry in the time of the Coronavirus Matthieu David interviews Sophie Sun, a founder at TravelRight. If you’re a traveler and flying to your destinations is your choice of transportation then you’ve definitely dealt with flight delays before. For people flying from China the answer to their flight delay related issues seems to […]

Daxue Talks 31: Ctrip point of interest: The next era of user created content

Ctrip China

In this episode of Daxue Talks, we bring back our guest Olivier Vérot, the founder of the Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA). Vérot shares his understanding of a new trend which is going to be a big thing in the near future using the example of Ctrip point of interest. ACCESS THE TRANSCRIPT OF THIS EPISODE […]