How to sell wine to Chinese consumers?

how to sell wine to chinese consumers

How to sell wine to Chinese consumers? In 2013, on a per capital basis, China became the biggest consumer of red wine, overtaking France and Italy succinctly. However, although there is a growing demand, selling wine has become a real challenge, and adequate knowledge of Chinese typical habits and perception on the wine have been […]

Wines from Bourgogne in China

wines from bourgogne in China

Bourgogne, where the King and Queen of wines come from Bourgogne and Bordeaux are the two biggest and most famous winegrowing regions in France. Bourgogne is called ‘the wine kingdom’, for its culture is so closely related with wines. Wines from Bourgogne came into reputation early in the era of Rome. After 1930s, classification work […]

Retail of Wine in China

distribution in China

Wine’s culture is still emerging in China According to a popular industry report, the scale of retail of wine in China is about 60 billion to 70 billion yuan. In 2013, it was expected to exceed 90 billion yuan, and an optimistic estimate says that it may reach 200 billion yuan in five years. The […]

Market analysis: Jean-Luc Colombo in China

Jean-Luc Colombo has become a notable wine personality due to his strong and outspoken opinions on the future of the French wine industry and such wine-making topics as extended maceration and organic viticulture. Since opening up his Cornas-based wine-consulting firm in 1984, Colombo has worked with over 100 estates in the Rhone Valley including such […]