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Wanda in China

Born in 1988 in Dalian(大连), Wanda now is doing business in commercial real estate, senior hotel, tourism, culture industry, and chain stores. The annual income reached 105.1 billion yuan, and paid an annual tax of 16.3 billion yuan. Now there are 49 Wanda Plazas, 26 five-star hotels, 730 film screens, 40 department stores, and 45 supermarket-style karaokes over China. Wanda’s aim for year 2015 is to have an asset scale of 300 billion yuan, an annual income of 200 billion, and become the world’s first-class enterprise.

Wanda Plaza:China’s best city complexity

Wanda plaza develops from a single shop from assembled shop, and finally into the current city complexity that has the function of shopping malls, catering services, culture, and entertainment. The plazas are located mostly in downtown of the cities. With the current 49 plazas in big cities like Haikou(海口), Zhengzhou(郑州), Jinan(济南), Shanghai(上海), Wuhan(武汉), Xiamen(厦门), Shenyang(沈阳), Chongqing(重庆), Beijing(北京), Wuxi(无锡), and Taiyuan(太原), Wanda plans to have 71 more until 2015.

Wanda’s luxury hotels

Wanda is the enterprise that has the biggest investment scale in five-star hotels in China, and there are already 26 five-star and over-five-star hotels. In 2015, Wanda expects to have 70 hotels over China, with a business area of over 3 million square meters, and become the biggest five-star hotel owner.

Wanda’s tourism

Wanda initiated programs in tourism, and China Oceanwide, Legend Holdings Ltd., Dalian Yifang Group Co.Ltd, and Elion were its cooperators. They now have international first class soutist resorts in Changbai Moutains, Dalian Golden Pebble Beach, and Hainan. The total investment in these resorts has exceeded 100 billion yuan. Tourism is becoming Wanda’s pillar industry.

Wanda’s culture show

Wanda’s first try in culture industry was in year 2005. Now Wanda does business in big stage shows, movie production, cultural entertainment, and Chinese calligraphy and painting collections. Now Wanda has about 1000 pieces of Chinese artists’ masterpieces.

Wanda’s large chain department stores

Van’s Department Store(万达百货) was founded on May 8th, 2007, and up to the end of 2011, it has 40 shops in Beijing(北京), Shanghai(上海), Tianjin(天津), Guangzhou(广州), Chongqing(重庆) and other 21 big cities, and business area reached 700 thousand square meters. With an annual sales value of 10 billion yuan, it is now one of China’s top five companies in general merchandise industry.




Edited by Amy Wang

Credit Photo: E23