Weixin 1

PART 1 Introduction

Weixin, developed by Tencent, is one of the recently hottest application on smart phone. Based on availability for IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian platforms, it provides text messaging, hold-to-talk voice messaging, video and photo sharing, location sharing, and receipt of off-line qq message and QQmaile. Besides, Weixin is added with some unique functions to differentiate it with other relative competitors, such as “Shake it”, by which to discover friends nearby, and “drift bottle” to make random friends. Weixin is supported on wifi, 3G, and 4G data networks, and make it possible to be free to use basic service except fees produced by network traffic (earned by network operator). In addition, Ranked 1st (25million download) on app download software, weixin has absolute advantage on user amounts and functionality over other competitors in mobile IM (instant message) area, such as Mi Liao, which once advanced the new type IM software market but later was caught up with by weixin. Precisely, weixin is not only an IM product, but the third social relationships after mobile QQ and mobile microblog. It is not only a multichannel communication tool, but a life style that provides more flexibility and convenience for interaction not just among friends but strangers. As weixin means micro-message in Chinese, it has successfully penetrated in our daily life.

PART 2 Background

It was Oct. 19th, 2010 when kik was first presented to the app store and Android market and achieved extraordinary results. Kik was a cross-platform instant message software with simple function and excellent user experience, so it is not surprised when it attracted 1 million users just in 15 days after its appearance, even though it can’t support sending photos or attachment. Its success can be owned to push-information function, which can establish a stronger and more active social network than so called ‘weak ties link’ based on push-email, like MSN and qq, and those traditional social network tools. Soon after that, this new type of social network software started to get into China market, and the first one is Mi Liao appeared in the end of Dec, 2010. It became distinguished once put into the market for its voice chat and group-voice chat. Simple, free, and instant were three distinct advantage and won Mi Liao relative great amount of users. Then just one month later, on Jan. 21th 2011, Tencent put out weixin and gradually surpassed Mi Liao for its large customer base and good reputation which has established strong brand loyalty. Actually, few people know that weixin develop team is not tencent wireless, but foxmail team, acquired by tencent in Mar. 2005, which was responsible for QQmail independently, that’s why qq fans can always find connection between qqmail and weixin.[4] Until end of Nov. 2011, weixin has accumulated more than 50 million registered users, with effective users more than 20 million.

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