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packaging of products and consumer perception in China

“Will product packaging affect your purchasing decisions?”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media”

Two weeks after World Consumer Rights Day, China Consumers Association released a survey on excessive packaging of products and consumer perception (商品过度包装问题研究和消费者感知调查报告) on March 28, which triggered discussions on Chinese social media Weibo in terms of #Will product packaging affect your purchasing decisions (商品包装会影响你选购吗)#, viewed and discussed over 1.25 million times as of the 4th week of March.

Survey reveals Chinese consumers’ disapproval of excessive packaging

According to China Consumers Association’s survey results, around 80.7% of the respondents are against overpackaging. Specifically, 88.1% of the respondents would choose simple packaging when purchasing products for themselves. However, 66% of the respondents would feel that receiving overpackaged gifts is a waste of resources. 37% of the respondents said the overall experience is awful because of the huge psychological gap before and after opening the package. Only 25.4% reacted positively to it. Other than feeling misled, many netizens expressed their concerns about the negative impact of the social and natural environment of excessive packaging.

From green guilt to green action: Chinese consumers’ sustainable consumption practices

Due to the increasing awareness of sustainable consumption in China, experiencing “green guilt” became a common experience among Chinese consumers in recent years. On a national level, waste sorting is probably one of the most eco-friendly movements among Chinese residents. On an individual level, Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. They are more mindful of the effects of their purchasing decisions and how they go about with their daily lives in general. This includes eco-friendly initiatives such as buying reusable, bio-degradable products and organic food, etc. 

What are Chinese netizens saying about over-packaging?

While the majority of internet users concurred that many products in the current consumer market are excessively packaged, some also voiced the opinion that packaging significantly influences consumers’ desire to make a purchase. “Packaging design and branding carry great significance,” remarked a netizen from Henan.

Source: Weibo. Chinese netizens’ attitudes towards over-packaging

Key takeaway on over-packaging issue in China:

  • China Consumers Association’s survey shows that most Chinese consumers are against excessive packaging of products and prefer simple packaging.
  • Excessive packaging causes green guilt among Chinese consumers who are becoming more aware of sustainable consumption and eco-friendly practices.
  • Chinese netizens voice their opinions on over-packaging on Weibo, criticizing the waste of resources, misleading marketing, and environmental damage caused by over-packaging.