Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine in China

Founded by the patriotic overseas Chinese, Mr. Zhang Bishi(张弼士) in year 1892, Yantai Changyu Group is now the biggest wine producer not only in China but also in Asia. It is now big company with over 4,000 employees and total asset of 2,290 million yuan. Its main products include wine, brandy, champaign, healthcare wines, distilled wines and purified water. Its annual production capacity is about 80,000 tons, and its products received universal welcome in over 20 countries and districts like Malaysia, America, the Netherlands, South Korea, Thai, Singapore and Hong Kong. Changyu wine received high praise from a lot of celebrities. Dr. Sun Yat-sen visited the company in year 1912 and gave it high comment.

Market strategy

Although the market has great potential in consuming wines, due to the lifestyles and disposable income of most people, there are still not many wine consumers, and people generally lack the knowledge of wines, not to mention appreciation. Thus, Changyu regarded the spread of knowledge as exploring the market. In culture distributing, Changyu has natural advantage. Being the eldest wine producing enterprise in China, it not only created its brand culture in its over 110 years of history, but also accumulated rich treasure for China’s wine culture. In 1992, Changyu built its wine culture museum, which attracts many visitors every year.

In 2002, Changyu cooperated with Carst Group to build Changyu-Carst Chateau, the first 3S international chateau in China. Here people can witness the production process of high end wine, go tourism, and have leisure entertainment.

Current State

Since November, 2009, Changyu wines have appeared in China’s state banquets, where French wines like Bordeaux and Bourgogne were the dominating wines. It is now apparently another symbol of China’s nation image.

Also, Changyu is now receiving welcome from western countries. Waitrose, the official beverage supplier for the British royal family, for the first time, sells Changyu Cabernet in its high end chain supermarkets. And the sales volume was amazing—over 400 boxes a week. This achievement, according to industry insiders, marks the fact that Chinese wines are winning the recognition of the professional and mainstream consumers in England.

Also, Changyu is now sold in over 3,000 supermarkets in Europe, and it has successfully entered European mail order system. What’s more, in Europe’s five star luxury hotels and in the the first-class cabin of Lufthansa, Changyu can be seen.

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Credit Photo: Runsky Chinadaily