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Customer Service in China

China Paradigm 78: Bootstrapping a software in China to manage in-bound sales serving 900+ clients

In this episode of China Paradigm, Thomas Knoop, the GM & Co-Founder of Livecom China, speaks with Matthieu David about the leading CustServ AI solution that supports Wechat, Weibo, Insta in China. In this China business vlog, Knoop talks about the business model of Livecom and the story behind it. He also mentions his unique view of AI and more.

  • 00:36 General introduction of Livecom
  • 6:09 How does the company price
  • 9:25 The story of Livecom
  • 14:30 The holistic view of touchpoint of Weibo
  • 23:25 Where does Thomas develop Livecom and his develop team 24:30 How important is Chinese business to Thomas
  • 26:37 How does Thomas deal with developing a China-centric platform with a foreign development team
  • 30:20 How does Thomas manage across country customers
  • 32:27 What does Livecom do for “饿了吗”
  • 34:08 Why does “饿了吗” choose Livecom and the story behind
  • 45:00 What does Thomas think of AI
  • 56:32 What books inspire Thomas the most on his entrepreneur journey
  • 57:05 What does Thomas read to stay up-to-dated about China
  • 57:44 What books on China would Thomas recommend if any
  • 58:28 What productivity tools does Thomas like to use
  • 59:41 What would be another business Thomas would like to manage if he has extra time
  • 1:00:42 An unexpected success and failure Thomas has witnessed in China

🔖 Practical tips on optimizing customer communication in China

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We believe, that China, with 20% of world population and as the second world economy, is impacting every single business, small to big. That is why it is a new paradigm. How does China impact your business is the ultimate question we will answer through those podcasts.

China paradigm is a China business podcast sponsored by Daxue Consulting where we interview successful entrepreneurs about their businesses in China. You can access all available episodes from the China paradigm Youtube page.