Focus of French Brands growing in market of Cheese in China

market of Cheese in China

Our focus today on the leading French brands which successfully established their name in the market of Cheese in China. Market of Cheese in China Brand 1: Président The brand of Président was founded by André Besnier, a leading figure in French dairy industry, in 1962. At present, Président is owned by the Laval based […]

Focus on: Fonterra

Background information about Fonterra: Established in 2001 and based in New Zealand (HQ), Fonterra (恒天然) Co-operative Group was set up by the merge of two largest dairy product co-operatives and New Zealand Dairy Board. As for now, Fonterra is becoming the largest company of New Zealand with annual revenue of more than 8 billion dollars per […]

Cream cheese market in China

New Zealand Cheese on China’s Market: According to market research ran by Daxue Consulting (contact us for more information), New Zealand is the largest supplier of cream cheese to China’s market. During the period of 2005 and 2007, New Zealand exported fresh cheese, processed cheese, and other cheese related product with 3453.71 ton, 3907.73ton, and […]

Cigarette Market in China

This article is written following a desk research managed by our market analysts in Shanghai. Contact us for more information. A Huge Market and great demand on China’s cigarette market Based on the report published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, China, as the largest producer […]

Market Study on Chinese Baijiu

Overview of Chinese Baijiu     Baijiu, a kind of white liquor existed for centuries, has been a favorite alcoholic beverage in China. In particular of some important Chinese traditional festivals or occasions, baijiu is always a right and appropriate choice for celebrating and serving guests. In China, people always choose to go to the […]

Market Study of 4 American Bloggers in the Luxury / Fashion Industry

Famous American Fashion Bloggers with potential in China Some bloggers have become very popular through the internet. Through the blogosphere, they give lifestyle pieces of advice and findings in fashion as well as news from brands. They are called “IT girls”. They use the internet, blogs, twitters, SNS (social networks) with a high dexterity. Some […]

Market Research: Who Buy Cheese in China

Our team of market researchers in Beijing have ran a market survey in Beijing and Shanghai to know who are the consumers of cheese in China. If all the data are not released over Internet, you can contact us to get more insight. Where to Buy Cheese in China: A great amount of cheese in China […]

Market analysis: Tools used by luxury brands

Three tools used by luxury brands for consumers to find information – Their own website – Their own pages on social networks – Answering questions online Luxury brands are using the internet less as a tool to advertise (few luxury brand pays Google ads), but rather to answer consumers’ questions accurately and to correct wrong […]

Report on CIQ licence in China

The Main Process to Get CIQ License in China 1. Create and record the filling of the importer. 2. The place of registration must be in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Beijing (No matter where the port that food and beverage products will be imported in is). 3. Consignee should be the same person […]

Market study: Fashion favored by first ladies

The affinity between celebrity & fashion Since Dior was established in the 1960s, countless pieces of charming and stunning design amazed several generations. Among those classic designs, Lady Dior is one of the legends and tells an unforgettable story about Princess Diana. In 1995, Mrs. Chirac offered Diana a small Dior black bag during the Cezanne […]