Supreme in China: behind the iconic streetwear brand and the battle with counterfeiters

Supreme in China case study

Supreme is a brand from New York, USA founded in 1994. The founder, James Jebbia, drew inspiration from both skateboarding and hip-hop cultures during the time when skateboarding culture started flourishing. American skate culture and hip-hop culture are both inspirations of modern Chinese streetwear. Naturally, this has led to massive success for Supreme in China. […]

What made Double 11 2020 break records: Sales stats and new trends

Double 11 2020 image from

November 11th, also known as “Guang Gun Jie”, was invented at first to celebrate singles’ day, as opposed to Valentine’s Day. In order to boost sales, Alibaba turned it in to a shopping festival in 2009, in which year it earned a total revenue of 50 million RMB. From then on, each year brought more […]

The 8 China market trends experts predict for 2021

2021 China market trends

Key insights from ChoZan’s brand new 570+ pages report unveiled It’s no question that the pandemic has brought drastic changes to our lives, be it social distancing, working from home, etc. Many businesses and people’s livelihoods are suffering. Just as we are powering through this difficult time, we turn our attention to it’s a good […]

5G development in China: covering more industries and cities in 2020

5G development in China

The Chinese internet reaches 900 million people, most of which are mobile users, setting the foundation for success in 5G development. Forecasts show that Chinese 5G users will reach 650 million by 2023, covering around 40% of the Chinese population. Additionally, the government views 5G development in China as crucial to the country’s tech sector […]

China’s Semiconductor Industry: 60% of the global semiconductor consumption

China's semiconductor market

The growth and development of China’s semiconductor industry is the product of two related trends. First, the Chinese government incentivized companies to locate in China while simultaneously lowering the barriers to entry for foreign participants in China’s domestic semiconductor production. Second, Taiwanese investors and semiconductor executives moved their manufacturing operations to China, which provided for […]

OPPO’s market strategy proves the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements

Oppo's market strategy

OPPO is an electronic and mobile communication company, founded by Tony Chen. The Chinese smartphone brand’s product lines include smartphones, Blu-ray players and more. Owning the largest market share in China’s smartphone market in 2016, OPPO ranked first place among all smartphone brands, accounting for 18% of the market share. According to IDC 2020 Q2 […]

Why the male beauty market in China should no longer be overlooked by beauty brands

male beauty market China

In the past few years, with the increase of purchasing power and the awakening of Chinese male beauty consumers’ awareness of personal care, the male beauty market in China has shown a huge potential of growth. Growing double the global growth rate, Chinese male beauty consumers have become a target market of both international and […]