Chando: How this Chinese beauty brand continues to thrive in China’s rising beauty sector

Chando market strategy

Chando is a Chinese beauty brand founded in 2001 by the International Beauty Group Garan. Since then, it has been consistently considered as one of the top players in the domestic beauty market. During T-mall’s 2019 11/11 event, Chando was the top-performing domestic beauty brand with a 498 Million Yuan sales revenue. This is the fourth time Chando has […]

Comparing foreign vs. domestic brand approaches to cosmetics marketing in China

cosmetics marketing in China foreign vs domestic brands

Foreign cosmetics brands have historically taken a larger market share in China; in 2018 they took 70% of the cosmetics market. However in 2020, Chinese domestic cosmetic brands are giving foreign brands a run for their money. In fact, when it comes to amount of attention received from cosmetics fans, seven of the ten top […]

Automotive industry in China: How carmakers compete for first place

Electric cars in China

Auto industry in China. China has been the world’s largest automotive market for years. That is why carmakers around the world are fighting to sell their cars to Chinese consumers. However, in a market mainly dominated by Chinese brands (42%), what are the trends and growth drivers that international carmakers can follow? The automotive sector […]

Bayer in China: How the Pharma giant gained the strong approval of Chinese consumers

Bayer in China

Overview of Bayer and Bayer China Bayer AG is a global enterprise with core competencies in the life science fields of health care and agriculture. Bayer, headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany, is one of the most famous companies among the world’s top 500 enterprises. In 2019, the total number of Bayer’s employees was 103,824 and the […]

A look at China’s aircraft industry after COVID-19

China's aircraft industry

COVID-19 has dealt a long-term blow to China’s aircraft industry. Responding to Chinese government’s strict measures to constrain the propagation of the epidemic, Chinese citizens became conservative on travelling. Hence, the loss of China’s aircraft companies for Q1 of 2020 was approximately 73 billion RMB, which compelled them to find self-rescue plans. In March, the […]

The mattress market in China is springing up with new demand

The mattress market in China

China’s mattress market is still relatively early in its development. Perceptions regarding the importance of mattresses are evolving. Additionally, the market concentration is relatively low, thus there leaving much room to grow. Yet there are a great number of leading global corporate organizations with significant long-term prospects in the mattress market in China. With consumers’ […]