Perfumes in China – Scent of A Good Future

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Perfumes in China are slowly being introduced across the entire country. The unique cultural roots attached to perfumes embodies a challenge to perfume developers and sales unpredictable. There’s a false perception that perfume is a new thing in China, but it’s based on a technicality; perfumes are a new thing, but fragrances aren’t. Rather than […]

Outdoor Equipment Market in China – Speeding Up

Outdoor equipment retailers in China have seen a significant growth in these last few years. As the Chinese are getting more aware of the importance of a healthy body, practicing sports outdoors is becoming increasingly popular. Before 1990, outdoor equipment retailers didn’t really exist in China, but last year the total sales for retail outdoor […]

Luxury goods market in China

luxury goods market in china

Luxury goods market in China: Optimistic Prospects? The potential of luxury goods market in China It is predicted that China will account for about 20%, and ¥180 billion luxury sales in the world in the year of 2011. Even during the global recession, sales of luxury goods in China mainland increased by 16%, reaching nearly […]

Market research: Second hand luxury market in China

second-hand luxury market in China

Market research: Second hand luxury market in China The Second hand luxury market in China is still in its early stages, but is showing signs of huge growth potential. In 2013, the market was valued at about RMB 3 billion, benefiting from a 30% annual growth rate. That year, there were 823 second-hand luxury shops in the […]

The market for sport clothes in China

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The market for sport clothes is extremely competitive in China The market for sport clothes in China has been expanding at a rate of 6.5% for the past years. The main players in the market are both foreign and domestic companies, what makes competition fiercer. Domestic producers need to compete with foreign brands, such as […]

Market potential: Baby shoes market in China

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Market potential: Baby shoes market in China Market potential in China: 18 million new-born babies each year European producers have been looking for markets with a big number of potential consumers. For manufacturers of baby shoes, which market seems the most attractive? Most likely it is a country with high birth rates or large population. […]

Market research: The boom of Fast-fashion brands in China | Daxue Consulting

China’s fast fashion market

Over the past few years, fast-fashion is growing in popularity in China and attracting more and more foreign brands-such as H&M and Zara, which offer Chinese fashionistas low-price stylish clothes. As a result, the average product cycle of fast-fashion brands in China is only 15 days. Moreover, increasing complaints about the quality have been coming […]

How to approach Perfume market in China

How to approach Perfume market in China To understand the current perfume market in China, one must first understand China’s history. Perfume was very present in China’s culture during its imperial years, all the way up to the 1920s and 30s. It was associated with royalty and wealth, and many perfumes were produced locally, especially […]

French start-ups in China

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China, with a population of more than 1.4 billion people and an economy with a staggering growth rate has emerged as one of the most financially viable business hot beds for many European brands. This is the outcome of the increasing purchasing power of the Chinese middle income group. Consumers are now in a position […]

Weibo can still be useful for Fashion and Luxury Brands in China

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Recently, China’s biggest microblogging platform, Sina Weibo, is facing the challenging competition for popularity and engagement against WeChat. Many marketers are saying that it is no longer necessary to give a strong focus on a brand’s Weibo campaign, however this is a completely wrong perception, since Weibo still has an important and high influence over […]