The Chinese Fashion Accessories Market Is Facing Unprecedented Growth

fashion accessories market in China

The fashion accessories market in China is showing a high-speed growth. For example, China has been the second largest jewelry market in the world in 2017 (around 671 billion RMB market size). As estimated, the sales revenue of fashion bags and accessories in China will be doubled from 2016 to 2019. Not only the market […]

Leisure Market In China: a changing Lifestyle

Leisure market in China

The following is a research on the leisure market in China. Economic development and social evolution have led to leisure activities becoming the necessities. The “need to escape” is enjoyed in different ways across cultures and is closely related to daily lifestyles, working life, and cultural patterns. As the Chinese society has experienced great changes over […]

Market Segmentation Strategy in China

market segmentation strategy China

Market Segmentation Strategy in China proved to be necessary China has been recently attracting major foreign brands in many different sectors. Zara, H&M, Swatch and others internationally loved companies have already settled in China. From their experience, it becomes apparent that tastes and preference of Chinese consumers differ from the Europeans. Therefore, before entering the […]

Branding Strategy: Fast Fashion in China

H&M China

Fast Fashion in China refers to low to middle-cost clothing brands which focus on supplying their clients with fast changing collections that reproduce the current fashion trends seen on each season’s international designer shows. Fast fashion in China has strong attractiveness for young citizens The appeal of fast fashion in China is undeniable for the […]

Perfumes in China – Scent of A Good Future

Daxue consulting-Perfumes in China-Perfume market in China

Perfumes in China are slowly being introduced across the entire country. The unique cultural roots attached to perfumes embodies a challenge to perfume developers and sales unpredictable. There’s a false perception that perfume is a new thing in China, but it’s based on a technicality; perfumes are a new thing, but fragrances aren’t. Rather than […]

Outdoor Equipment Market in China – Speeding Up

Outdoor equipment retailers in China have seen a significant growth in these last few years. As the Chinese are getting more aware of the importance of a healthy body, practicing sports outdoors is becoming increasingly popular. Before 1990, outdoor equipment retailers didn’t really exist in China, but last year the total sales for retail outdoor […]

Luxury goods market in China

luxury goods market in china

Luxury goods market in China: Optimistic Prospects? The potential of luxury goods market in China It is predicted that China will account for about 20%, and ¥180 billion luxury sales in the world in the year of 2011. Even during the global recession, sales of luxury goods in China mainland increased by 16%, reaching nearly […]

China Market analysis: China Lipstick market

lipstick market china

China Market analysis: Lipstick market China lipstick market is one of the growing markets directly taking advantage of the growth of Chinese middle class power income and the rise of beauty and personal care. PEST analysis China China Political context The thorough law and multipartite superintendents from government will make sure the stable developing of […]

Market research: Second hand luxury market in China

second-hand luxury market in China

Market research: Second hand luxury market in China The Second hand luxury market in China is still in its early stages, but is showing signs of huge growth potential. In 2013, the market was valued at about RMB 3 billion, benefiting from a 30% annual growth rate. That year, there were 823 second-hand luxury shops in the […]