Food delivery in China: A rapidly expanding tech battleground

Food delivery in China photo credit: nicpic

The size of O2O catering market in China is growing as more Chinese order delivery for their meals. In 2018 revenues of online food delivery in China reached over 34 billion USD. The same year, online food sales rose by 36.8%. According to a recent report from the Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, the size of […]

The Cooking Oil market in China

cooking oil market in China

Most Chinese dishes use more cooking oil than western ones. However, different regions of China have different cooking oil consumption habits. Currently, this market is controlled by big companies and WFOEs which build up enormous market share in previous years. The world’s second largest economic entity transferred from the largest producing country to the largest […]

Chocolate market in China

The chocolate market in China

The chocolate market in China consists of all chocolate-based products, including but not limited to boxed chocolate, chocolate candy bars, and chocolate flavors. Supermarkets and grocery stores are the two main retail channels of chocolate products in China. Online retail and specialty retail have both displayed strong growth as the distribution channels of chocolate products […]

Hello Kitty in China: Case study of an iconic character

Hello Kitty in China

Hello Kitty, a well-known Japanese character that is enormously popular in China. Today it appears on every conceivable product, ranging from pencil cases and chainsaws to passenger jets. The phenomena of Hello Kitty in China is worth studying because of its success and popularity among women and children. Hello Kitty’s history Hello Kitty is a […]

China’s conquest of wine: Evolving wine drinking habits in China

wine consumption habits in China

Over the last ten years, China has been making up for lost time in terms of wine consumption, knowledge, and production. Although the country has a longer history with beer and hard liquor, wine drinking habits in China are evolving. E-commerce and westernized lifestyles: The wine market in China is changing at a quick pace […]

The alcohol market in China is making a comeback

alcoholic beverage market in China

In 2011 China introduced the new law for punishing drunk drivers, the growth rate of overall alcohol market in China consumption lowered. Faced with stricter drunk driving testing and more severe punishments were there to be accidents, people intentionally choose not to drink alcoholic drinks before driving. However as people adapt to the laws, and […]

The red wine market in China: Production plummets, imports fill demand

The red wine market in China

China has become the first market for red wine in 2013. According to the survey from Jiuyejia, the top five countries by volume remain unchanged, with the US leading the way with 318 million cases, followed by Italy (266 million cases), France (250 million cases), Germany (244 million cases) and China (156 million cases). Germany […]

The Coffee shop market in China

coffee shop market in China

China’s coffee culture has been rapidly growing since 2000. Though China is far from being the largest coffee market, many believe that it will soon surpass many European countries and Japan. The size of the coffee shop market in China has doubled since 2013, which achieves an annual compound growth rate of 18%. According to […]

The frozen food market in China is blossoming in low tier cities

frozen food shopper in China

Frozen food is preserved from the time it is made until the time it is eaten. Its packaging must maintain its integrity through cooking, machine filling, sealing, freezing, storage and logistics. Chinese consumers, especially office workers often prefer it, for its convenience and quality. As the pace of life in China gets faster, for the […]

China Paradigm 87: Learning business innovation in China through cooking

business innovation in China

Matthieu David interviews Sandrine Delabrière, Innovation & Strategic marketing consultant, Food expert – certified Chef, instructor & author. Is innovation something that can be taught? In this episode, we learn about teaching innovation through cooking and how Sandrine has managed to build her company by helping other companies think strategically and creatively. Her workshops are […]