COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumption

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumer behavior

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumption had unique outcomes in every industry. For example, mobile games and short-video markets experienced tremendous growth, while restaurants and services struggled to make ends meet. What Chinese people did at home during the epidemic The main lock-downs of the Coronavirus epidemic in China lasted over two months. However, as China’s […]

Australian Wines in China: Australia’s largest wine export market

Australian Wines in China

China is the largest import market of Australian wines China has become the largest import market of Australian wines, overtaken the traditional markets such as the United States and the United Kingdom. From 2014 onwards, the import value has increased rapidly and surged by 533% during 2014-2018. In 2019, the import value of Australian wines […]

Instant noodles market in China: a recession-resistant meal

instant noodles market in China

Instant noodles are made of dried and precooked noodles, along with flavoring powder and seasoning oil. They are popular all over China and are made by just adding hot water. In 2016, the global consumption of instant noodles reached 97.5 billion units. Equivalently, the daily consumption of instant noodles was 270 million units around the […]

China Paradigm 98: Tapping into China’s natural ingredients niche in F&B

natural ingredients in China

China’s natural ingredients Matthieu David interviews Gordon Dumoulin, founder and CEO at Dumoco Natural Ingredients. When it comes to eating healthy everyone knows that “natural” is the way to go. But where does Gordon’s company fit on the Chinese F&B market? (read an article about Frozen food market in China). Is there a need for an […]

China Paradigm 97: Distributing food products in China

Distributing food products in China

Distributing food products in China Matthieu David interviews David Beutin, Sales Manager – HORECA Food Service at Lactalis International. HORECA was and is one of the most impacted business industries by the Coronavirus outbreak. How does a food service company manage to recover from such a crisis in China and how different is the business […]

Coronavirus Crisis Management | Four brands that have done it right

coronavirus crisis management in China

How should brands communicate to Chinese customers during the Coronavirus outbreak? While the epidemic is expanding globally, Chinese economy is gradually emerging from its lethargy. After the country’s quarantine has just ended, Chinese consumer behavior is no longer the same as before. During the epidemic, we have seen giant brands cutting down their operation like […]

Podcast transcript #87: Promote innovation through cooking experience in China

cooking food workshop in China

Find here the China Paradigm 87 and find out how to bring innovation through cooking experience in China and how cooking food workshops in China can allow Chinese employees to increase and free their creativity. Full transcript below Matthieu David: Hello everyone, this is China paradigm, where we Daxue consulting, interview season entrepreneurs in China. […]

Coronavirus China Economic Impact Report by daxue consulting

COVID-19 economic impact in China

Download our Coronavirus China Economic Impact report The Coronavirus China Economic Impact report covers the spread of the outbreak in China, what industries are growing and which industries are severely impacted. We also zoom in on the economies of Wuhan and Hubei, as well as Coronavirus impacts on the global supply chain. Lastly we share […]

Sam’s Club in China: Case study on successful Digital Marketing

Sam's Club in China Case Study

Carrefour SA sold 80% of its operations in June 2019 after more than two decades in China, Tesco Plc folded its business into a joint venture in 2013, and Metro AG sold majority stake in METRO China to Wumart (物美) in Oct. 2019. While many foreign firms complain that China is a difficult market, Walmart-operated […]