The cheese market in Shanghai: Cheese evolution | Daxue Consulting

Cheese market in China. Historical reasons explain the rejection of cheese by Chinese consumers Traditionally, dairy products were associated with the nomadic tribes who lived on the fringes of China and who were regarded as barbarians. So back then, eating cheese was associated with an unsavory lifestyle. Also, the majority of Chinese people avoided the […]

How the Chinese Instant Food Market is changing | Daxue Consulting

Instant noodles consumption in China

Due to the successful “reforming and opening-up”, China’s social structure has changed rapidly and the urban lifestyle has become more and more fast-paced. The average worker has a busier schedule; therefore, do not have time to treat themselves with decent meals.  Therefore, because of the large population base, China is the largest instant food market […]

International brands are in demand on China’s prenatal care market | Daxue Consulting

prenatal care market in China

Two factors responsible for the high-speed-growth of the prenatal care market in China Babies from the baby-boom back in the 1980s have become parents themselves in the last decade. They have caused another, bigger baby boom, because of the cancellation of the one-child-policy. In 2016, the universal two-child policy came out, meaning that every couple […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #14: How to run a creative brand consulting company in China

brand consulting China

Mattieu David, founder of China Paradigm, interviews Qin Guo, managing partner of the branding agency BSUR. Guo took a different entrepreneurial path, rather than starting her own company, she brought an international company to China. In this China podcast, Guo tells her story of establishing the Shanghai office of the branding company BSUR. She organized […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #12: From WeChat to Douyin, how to master China’s e-commerce landscape

e-commerce landscape in china

Matthieu David, founder of China Paradigm, interviews Jenny (Tingyi) Chen, Co-founder and COO of WalkTheChat, a WeChat marketing agency and software platform specialized in China’s e-commerce landscape. Chen describes how strong shared values allowed solidified the cross-cultural partnership with WalkTheChat’s other co-founder Thomas Graziani. Though neither of the co-founders are developers, they were able to […]