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The Chinese art market: young collectors fuel contemporary art surge

The global art market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, playing a significant role in cultural exchange and economic development. While its artistic roots stretch back centuries, China’s art market has boomed in recent decades, becoming a major player on the global art scene. In recent years, the Chinese art market has witnessed a meteoric rise, solidifying […]

A Foreign Firm’s Guide to Collaborating with Retail Distributors in China

Distributors in China banner

In China, the retail distribution market is characterized by a fast-moving ecosystem, composed of a complex network that ties together different market players such as manufacturers, Chinese wholesale suppliers, trading companies, distributors, agents, and retailers. This network presents a landscape filled with untapped opportunities that many foreign companies are eager to discover and leverage for […]

Costco’s winning formula in China: premium brands, affordability, and exclusivity

Costco in China

Costco is experiencing considerable success in the Chinese market. The US wholesaler officially entered the Chinese market in August 2019, when its first physical store opened in Shanghai. The opening weekend marked a hive of activity – there were three-hour waits for parking spaces and thirty-minute queues at the checkouts. It caused local authorities to shut the […]

China’s outbound M&A trends: exploring the impact of COVID-19, regulatory reviews, and shifting investment preferences

The China Mergers & Acquisition (M&A) market has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly in outbound deals. Despite a slump in China’s outbound M&A transactions in 2022, Asia remains a popular destination. However, continued tensions between the U.S. and China in combination with the hurdles presented by national security reviews continue to pose challenges […]

How young consumers and low-tier cities are shaping China’s jewelry market

china's jewelry market

China’s jewelry market is undergoing a significant transformation as younger consumers and low-tier cities are emerging as key drivers of growth. Millennials and Gen-Zs are reshaping the local jewelry market by showing a strong preference for gold jewelry over traditional silver and diamond options. This shift in consumer behavior has prompted established jewelry brands to […]

The male beauty market in China is developing fast and should not be overlooked

Nowadays, as increasingly more male consumers care about their look, the male beauty market in China has gradually become a new driver of growth for the beauty industry. The size of the male beauty market in China reached 17.8 billion RMB in 2021, and according to Euromonitor International, retail sales in China’s male beauty market […]

A peek into Chinese women’s clothing market

Chinese women’s clothing market accounts for half of the overall domestic clothing market. According to Euromonitor, the Chinese women’s clothing market jumped from RMB 619 billion in 2011 to RMB 1,057 billion in 2019, with a CAGR of 6.9%. It boasted a higher growth rate than men’s clothing (5.41%), yet lower than children’s clothing did […]

China’s Toys Market in 2022: Chaowan, high-tech, and parent-child games


Most people know China as the world’s largest toy exporter due to its solid manufacturing reputation especially in the southeastern provinces. Indeed, in 2020 China exported $72 billion USD worth of toy products, miles ahead of the 2nd place – Germany’s $6 billion USD. However, China also has the world’s largest toys market, valued at […]

Vaping in China: Will brands target young adults or convert smokers?

vape market in China

Vaping has become a trend worldwide in recent years. The e-cigarettes which were previously introduced to help smokers quit have become a symbol of the Gen Z. The size of the vape market in China is still smaller than that in the U.S., despite a much larger smoking population. Many users, including middle schoolers and […]

Guide to Chinese e-commerce platforms: which platform is the best for your brands

guide to e-commerce platforms in China

Over the past three decades, the Chinese economy has experienced unprecedentedly rapid growth. Social progress, technological innovations, and increasing disposable personal incomes have shaped new shopping habits. A variety of e-commerce modes, like live-streaming e-commerce, social e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce, have emerged in the market. Large Chinese e-commerce platforms, like Alibaba’s Taobao and, have […]