Market Study on Chinese Baijiu

Overview of Chinese Baijiu     Baijiu, a kind of white liquor existed for centuries, has been a favorite alcoholic beverage in China. In particular of some important Chinese traditional festivals or occasions, baijiu is always a right and appropriate choice for celebrating and serving guests. In China, people always choose to go to the […]

Yantai Changyu Pioneer Wine in China

Founded by the patriotic overseas Chinese, Mr. Zhang Bishi(张弼士) in year 1892, Yantai Changyu Group is now the biggest wine producer not only in China but also in Asia. It is now big company with over 4,000 employees and total asset of 2,290 million yuan. Its main products include wine, brandy, champaign, healthcare wines, distilled […]

Retail of Wine in China

According to a popular industry report, the scale of retail of wine in China is about 60 billion to 70 billion yuan. In 2013, it is expected to exceed 90 billion yuan, and an optimistic estimate says that it may reach 200 billion yuan in five years. The number of potential consumers who can afford […]

Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine in China

Zhejiang Guyue Longshan Shaoxing Wine Co Ltd (GYLS) is China’s biggest rice wine producer and exporter, and it is also the leader in rice wine marketing industry. It has the first class rice wine production techniques and equipment, and the only provincial level rice wine technology center. Up to year 2010, it has in total […]

Wuliangye in China

Wuliangye Group Co. Ltd was set up in Yibin(宜宾), Sichuan(四川) province in August 19th, 1997.There are six famous brands of wines in Sichuan: Luzhoulaojiao(泸州老窖), Langjiu(郎酒 ), Jiannanchun(剑南春), Tuopaiqujiu(沱牌曲酒), Ququanxingdaqu(全兴大曲) and Wuliangye(五粮液), and Wuliangye is now the leading one. Wuliangye is produced using fermented rice, soybean, sorghum, maize, and glutinous rice. This way of making wine was […]

Chilean Wines in China

Nowadays, Chilean wines are hitting the world with their special flavors. Just like other new world wines, Chilean wines won some international prizes in recent years. After Casa Lapostolle won the first prize in year 2008, this trend becomes more obvious. The cooperation of native grape production and foreign modern technology, and the participation of […]

Wines from Alsace in China

Compared with other wine brands, wines from Alsace are special, for the bottles that contain them are labeled with the grape that they are made from. If there is no label, then this wine is made of several types of grape together. Also, all wines should be bottled with a special container in its production […]

Yanghe Wine in China

Founded in year 1949 in Suqian(宿迁), Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Yanghe Distillery is specializing in producing Yanghe Daqu(洋河大曲), a famous type of wine with over 400 years of history. According to statistics, its net sales reached 7.619 billion yuan, and its net profit was 3.076 billion yuan in year 2010, with a total number of 7,090 […]

Wines from Champagne in China

Champagne: the king of wines The word Champagne means joy, happiness, and laugh. Wines from Champagne are the proud of French people. They are used for celebration and are known as ‘the king of wines’ for its luxury, attracting, and romantic characteristic. There is no other wine that can match their mysteriousness. Champagne has strong […]

Report on Rhone Valley Wines in China

Daxue Consulting recently worked for Rhone Valley Association from October 2012 to February 2013 You can read the report below: [pdfjs-viewer url=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Research-for-Rhone-Valley-2012-3-languages-VF3.pdf”]