Start an Online Luxury Business in China

Searching for wealthy customers beyond China’s urban areas, luxury-goods makers are opening shop in a new location: the Chinese Internet. China is the world’s second-largest market for luxury brands when counting purchases by Chinese consumers world-wide and is set to overtake Japan for No. 1 in a few years, according to consulting firm Bain & […]

Market research: Tennis in China

A General Landscape of Tennis Development According to a market research on audience rating, following football and basketball, Tennis has steadily become the third most popular sport for Chinese spectators to watch on television. Let’s look at the numbers: 30, 000 established tennis courts and a roughly estimated 14 million tennis professionals and enthusiasts are in […]

Malls in Chengdu

The malls in Chengdu: MIXC, Heng Ren Landmark Plaza, Ren He Spring Shopping Center In the year 2005, there are only a few shopping malls in Chengdu. But in 2011, the number of finished and under construction projects has reached 80 in total. Before the appearance of MIXC and Heng Ren Landmark Plaza, the only […]

Brief Market Research on Ningbo

General Overview on Ningbo: Bars in Ningbo include Legends Bar, Shooters Bar, Z Rocks and The Garden Ningbo is located on the shore of the East Sea and on the South of the Yangtze River Delta where the economy is booming. Neighboring Shanghai, Ningbo is a city which is open to foreign countries, specifically designated […]

Market analysis: Unilever in China

The current Unilever Group came into fruition after the merger between Margrine Unie in Holland and Lever Brothers in England in 1929. Its headquarters in Rotterdam is responsible for its food products, and its office in London is responsible for its cleaning products. There are now 264 production bases. It has a huge sales network in 100 […]

Marketing research: IPhones or other smartphones?

Apple, we’re way ahead of you Although Apple just recently launched the iPhone 4S, several Chinese online stores are offering die-hard Apple fans the opportunity to buy the much-anticipated next-generation “iPhone 5.” The knock-off smartphones are available for as little as RMB200 (US$40) on popular websites, such as China’s largest online marketplace,, which has […]

Market research: USB keys in China

As various industries set higher requirements for information security, secure storage based on hardware is gradually replacing secure storage based on software functions. As a result, the secure storage chip market has experienced rapid growth. At the same time, as a main production base for U disks, storage cards, and SSD hard disks, China has […]

Market research: Professional SNS in China

Professional social networking sites primarily help users build business connections and provide employment information. This concept became popular in 2003 after the launch of LinkedIn, which has become the world’s No. 1 professional social networking brand within 10 years and attracts more than 150 million registered users worldwide as at February 2012.  LinkedIn’s successful IPO made […]

Retail & distribution in China (1/6): learn from previous experiences

Before entering a market, we recommend you to lead a research on previous experiences regarding international competitors, local competitors and your own initiatives when you expanded into foreign countries. To reach this goal, we suggest: –A documentary research screening the English and Chinese internet through various methodologies. –Qualitative interviews with experts –Qualitative interviews with competitors […]

Open a French Restaurant in China

How to open a French restaurant in China? For foreigners, it is really difficult to begin such business without any knowledge of it, not to mention the complex Chinese culture. Choose the Restaurant’s Location Before opening the French restaurant, it is important to find a good commercial center to do this. In Beijing, most of […]