China Paradigm 121: Advertising in China with transparency and precise targeting

Advertising in China

In this episode of China Paradigm, we interview Jie Zhang, a serial entrepreneur with a strong tech background and founder at a software as a service (SaaS) platform that makes advertising in China easier for foreign brands. The differences between advertising in China and the West are staggering when it comes to how the […]

China Paradigm Transcript #110: How an entrepreneur modified his product to create a successful platform enabling Western brands to optimize e-commerce performance in China

optimize e-commerce performance in China

Find here China Paradigm episode 110. Josh Gardner is an entrepreneur with a background in Academic anthropology, logistics, and e-commerce. Since 2014 he has been running Kung Fu Data in China, which helps international brands to optimize e-commerce performance in China.  Although business is going well now, things didn’t start way and Josh not making any […]

China Paradigm Transcript #105: Merging family traditions with etiquette training in China

etiquette training in China

Click here for China Paradigm 104.  In this interview, Guillaume Rué de Bernadac, the founder of a business for etiquette training in China, shares how his school perpetuates his family traditions as well as the diverse types of clients he teaches in China, whether it is adults, kids, or luxury organizations. Full transcript below: Welcome to China […]