Personal data is under-supplied for small companies in China

Personal data is becoming a new valuable resource in the 21st century that touches all aspects of society. Personal data can be divided into three categories: identity data, network data, and behavioral data. Identity data includes basic information of a person, such as a name, gender, mobile phone number, and identity card number, which are […]

Underwear market in China: call to action for foreign brands

Chinese Underwear market

In this episode, Matthieu David, who is a president and founder of Daxue Consulting, gives us a concentrated extract about the Chinese underwear market. The underwear market is growing at a stable pace in the Chinese market. During the past few years, the annual sales of underwear in China have exceeded 40 billion USD. What […]

Medical e-commerce in China: Get ready for the anticipated opportunity | Daxue Consulting

Healthcare industry in China

Medical e-commerce in China started in 2005 with the government’s permission of online pharmacy. After 13 years of rapid growth, the basic industrial structure of medical e-commerce is formed. Hundreds of online pharmacies and platforms are offering a variety of medicines and health products at a low price and a fast delivery service. However, the […]

Navigating the M&A Process in China Today

What are the opportunities and challenges business face with China in an M&A Process?   A well-conceived merger and acquisition process (M&A process) between a Chinese buyer and a foreign target company can produce great value for all stakeholders. This is because Chinese buyers are becoming increasingly proficient and sophisticated in the M&A process, as […]

Motorcycles in China: Commute or Entertainment?

Daxue Consulting-Motorcycles in China-Chinese motorcycles-vehicles in China-Motorcycle market in China

Motorcycles have long been a favorite for personal transportation in China, passenger vehicles and cargo transportation in rural China, but they’re now facing unprecedented challenges in China. The motorcycle market in China doesn’t have a long history but that hasn’t prevented China from being the world’s largest producer of motorcycle for twenty consecutive years, growing […]

Innovation in China: What makes the difference?

innovation in China

Innovation in China It is globally accepted that China has recently become a global place for innovation. More European entrepreneurs and existing brands go to this country to implement ideas and attract local customers. Companies seek to find innovative ways of running a business more effectively. As long as China is becoming a global economy […]

O2O business in China: Domestic Monopoly?

Daxue Consulting

China counts 618 million Internet users, double the total population of the United States. The Chinese internet ecosystem is the largest in the world but also one of the most isolated. Barriers between the Chinese internet and the rest of the world isn’t just a result of Chinese censorship of many foreign sites and services, […]

App Market in China

As Chinese continue equipping themselves with mobile phones at a very fast rate, the app market in China is enjoying a similarly large growth. Today there are 1.29 billion mobile users in China, and that mobile phone market is fueling the app market. Recently, with the success of the iPhone 5 (featuring a larger screen), […]

The Market of High Tech in China

market of high-tech in China

The Market of High Tech in China China’s 12th Five-Year Plan outlined the country’s intent to upgrade its manufacturing sector, to accelerate the growth of the service sector, and to build a modern energy industry. The success of the Plan demands rapid expansion of the market of high tech in China which will help to […]