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Chinese Tech scene

China Paradigm 88: Covering Chinese Tech scene for the West

Matthieu David interviews’s editor in chief John Artman. In this China paradigm’s podcast, we get an insight into the Chinese tech scene as we discuss what makes great tech news and what makes TechNode the best resource for staying up to date with the Chinese tech market. How is the tech scene different in China compared to the West? What is TechNode’s business model and how influential are they in promoting new technology in China? Let’s find out!

  • 7:34 Handling the Chinese tech info – TechNode’s editorial line management
  • 9:51 Picking out the best topics – what is newsworthy for TechNode?
  • 12:25 TechNode and TechCrunch – what unites them and what makes them different?
  • 19:21 TechNode’s business model – much more than media
  • 27:44 Podcasting in China podcasting in The West – “Conversations are just fun!”
  • 44:39 Why are so many tech companies failing the Chinese market?
  • 49:08 What are some of the misconceptions that the West has regarding the Chinese tech scene?

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One relevant episode

We believe, that China, with 20% of world population and as the second world economy, is impacting every single business, small to big. That is why it is a new paradigm. How does China impact your business is the ultimate question we will answer through those podcasts.

China paradigm is a China business podcast sponsored by Daxue Consulting where we interview successful entrepreneurs about their businesses in China. You can access all available episodes from the China paradigm Youtube page.