China Resources Snow Beer Ltd in Alcoholic Drinks

China Resources Snow Beer (China) Limited was founded in year 1994, and it is now a national professional producer and seller of beer. Its headquarters is in Beijing(北京). It has two shareholders: China Resources Enterprise and the second largest beer company group in the world, SABMiller. Now, it has nearly 70 beer companies all over China, and has over 30 beer brands, which together occupy 19.8% of China’s beer market. In 2009, the annual sales volume of China Resources Snow Beer (China) Limited products exceeded 8.37 billion liters, with an annual increase of 15.3%. The sales volume of Snow Beer only reached 7.24 liters, and again became one of the industry leaders in global market.

China Resources Enterprise Co. Ltd: market positioning

Over the recent 10 years, the competition in China’s beer market is fierce, and the number of independent beer companies decreased from 600 to 200. Nowadays the major beer brands in China market are: Snow Beer,Qingdao(青岛) Beer, and Yanjing(燕京) Beer. In 2011, the overall market volume share of China Resources Enterprise Co. Ltd reached 22%. This again showed its leadership in China’s beer industry. The Snow Beer brand is welcomed by people all around China. The reason for its popularity is its fresh and light taste, and reasonable pricing. During its exploration to markets in new districts, it built up a passionate brand image among consumers, and largely raised its awareness. Also, what is worth mentioning is that, the volume of Snow beer production in 2011 ranked the 5th in beer industry all over the world.

China Resources Enterprise Co. Ltd: future strategy

The future development strategy of China Resources Enterprise Co. Ltd is simple but practical. That is, to implement national expansion by mergers and acquisitions with local beer producers, which give China Resources Enterprise Co. Ltd the momentum to continue growing in the field of mature beer at a high speed. Also, the company will be continually optimizing its brands and products to focus on the more profitable brands.

Also, Snow Beer is trying to have its share in middle and high end markets. From 2005 on, China Resources Snow Beer (China) Limited held adventure activities every year to spread its brand culture and increase its popularity.



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