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Consumer pain points in China’s beauty market

China's beauty market

In the very competitive beauty market in China, many brands are fiercely and rapidly innovating to satisfy the needs of consumers. However, there are still remaining pain points that have not been addressed at all or have not been addressed effectively by brands. To identify some of these pain points, we conducted social media listening […]

From learning platform to live commerce giant: New Oriental Education’s business turnaround

New Oriental Education

China boasts one of the highest numbers of private schools globally. By 2023, over 33.4% of all educational institutions in China were privately owned, with nearly 16% of the country’s total student population enrolled in these institutions. Among the prominent players in this sector is the “New Oriental Education & Technology Group” (新东方企业网). Established in […]

China’s virtual influencers now endorse brands and livestream e-commerce

Virtual influencers in China

Due to the growing demand for entertainment and the rapid development of technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), China’s virtual influencer industry is experiencing exponential growth. According to iiMedia, in 2022, China’s virtual influencer industry was valued at RMB 186.61 billion overall, with a core market size of RMB 12.08 billion. Projections indicate that by 2025, […]

Pinduoduo’s trailblazing expansion and challenges in international markets


Since its establishment in September 2015 by Colin Huang, an entrepreneur with a successful career in software engineering at Google, Pinduoduo experienced a meteoric rise. The company rapidly ascended to become China’s most swiftly expanding e-commerce platform. It reached a Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of USD 15 billion within a mere 2 years following its […]

Shein’s market strategy: how the Chinese fast-fashion brand is conquering the West

shein marketing strategy

Shein is now the largest Chinese cross-border fast fashion e-commerce company. The e-tailing brand reaches consumers in the United States, France, Russia, Germany, and over 150 other countries. In 2023, the app had over 261.9 million downloads, with over 53 million users worldwide. The e-commerce platform stands out as one of the most rapidly expanding fashion retail websites in the […]

Mobile payments in China: How China became a cashless, mobile-first country

Mobile payments in china

An unmistakable shift towards a cashless society can be observed in China with electronic payments becoming widely prevalent throughout the country. The influence of digital payments extends beyond urban centers to rural areas, where it has positively impacted the lives of residents and small businesses. With the integral role of mobile payments in China examining […]

Lost in translation: eBay and Amazon’s China challenge and exit strategy

ebay and amazon in china

Amazon and eBay are household names across the world. Amazon, which initially started as a bookstore, made its name as a global e-commerce giant that changed the landscape of online retail. eBay, on the other hand, became synonymous with online auctions and provided a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach a worldwide audience […]

“Why are young people starting to be against involuted shopping?”: trending hashtag on Chinese social media

against involution in shopping; consumerism in China 2023

Due to the increasing sentiments of anti-consumerism and anti-involution among young Chinese people in recent years, e-commerce platforms and livestreamers are competing against one another more fiercely than ever to boost sales, often offering large discounts and promotions. For instance, during this year’s Double 11 shopping festival, China’s top beauty influencer Li Jiaqi found himself […]

How social commerce in China is transforming shopping and social media

social commerce in china

Social commerce defines an ecosystem that combines social media and e-commerce platforms in a dynamic and distinctive manner. It forms a space where the boundaries between online shopping and social interactions blend seamlessly. This fusion is achieved through the integration of social media, online marketplaces, and mobile payment systems, resulting in an environment that immerses […]

She economy rising: Decoding the shopping secrets of Chinese women

she economy in china

Chinese women are experiencing a noticeable surge in financial independence. As society undergoes changes, women’s priorities are also shifting. They are moving beyond traditional family roles to prioritize self-care. This report examines diverse consumption patterns among Chinese women, identifying opportunities in the “she economy.” It underscores their pivotal role in household decisions, evolving dynamics, and […]

How to sell on Tmall and Taobao: setting up an online store to enter the Chinese market


As the world’s largest e-commerce market, China presents a significant opportunity for businesses looking to expand their reach. Platforms like Taobao and Tmall have made it possible for foreign businesses to enter the Chinese market and sell to Chinese consumers. Taobao is Asia’s largest network retail business. Founded by Alibaba Group in 2003, the Chinese online shopping […]