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How China’s footwear industry is coping with shifting consumer preferences

Chinese footwear market

Due to the fast-evolving tastes of Chinese consumers, leather shoe brands are finding it challenging to stay relevant in the footwear industry in China. In the 2nd week of May 2024, Chinese netizens were having a heated discussion on Weibo regarding whether #leather shoes have been abandoned by today’s era# (皮鞋已经被这个时代抛弃了吗), garnering over 6 million […]

Consumer pain points in China’s beauty market

China's beauty market

In the very competitive beauty market in China, many brands are fiercely and rapidly innovating to satisfy the needs of consumers. However, there are still remaining pain points that have not been addressed at all or have not been addressed effectively by brands. To identify some of these pain points, we conducted social media listening […]

“Chinese tourists queuing up to buy Louis Vuitton bags in Japan at 4 am”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media

Chinese tourist Louis Vuitton

According to Umetrip (航旅纵横), as of April 22nd, bookings from Chinese tourists for both inbound and outbound international flights have exceeded 790,000, an increase of over 1.5 times from the previous year. Specifically, among the most popular outbound travel destinations, Japan emerged as the top choice. In the first quarter of this year, Chinese tourists spent RMB […]

The fashion industry in China: Chinese young consumers are becoming highly brand-conscious

China’s fashion industry is currently experiencing an era of unprecedented change and growth. In the “State of Fashion 2023” report, a joint effort by BoF and McKinsey, it was projected that the global fashion market will slow down in 2023 due to macroeconomic and geopolitical factors, including rising inflation, supply chain pressures, and political tensions. […]

From east to the runway: the irresistible ascent of Chinese designer brands

In recent years, at fashion shows and various events, many domestic and international celebrities have been seen wearing clothing from Chinese fashion brands, and an increasing number of Chinese designer brands are entering the international spotlight. At the 2023 Met Gala red carpet, Cardi B appeared in a specially tailored camellia dress designed by Chinese […]

Gucci in China: a tale of elegance and cultural connection


The luxury goods sector has experienced significant growth in China over recent decades, triggered by a remarkable surge in disposable income. Consequently, renowned international luxury brands such as Coach, Hermès, and Prada have all strategically penetrated the Chinese market, seeking to capitalize on the burgeoning demand. However, among the abundance of luxury brands vying for […]

China’s luxury market in 2024: VICs, omnichannel & CRM strategies

chinas luxury market report 2024

Despite economic challenges prompting increased savings among over half of Chinese consumers in 2023, China’s luxury market experienced a rebound, fueled by financially resilient core luxury consumers. In this landscape, Very Important Customers (VICs) have emerged as pivotal drivers of consumption, inducing luxury brands to pivot their focus from entry-level consumers. In tandem with this […]

Ralph Lauren’s resonance with China’s 2023 online trends

ralph lauren in china

Ralph Lauren Corporation, the American accessible luxury brand renowned for its polo shirts, entered the Chinese market in 2011, making it a relatively late entrant compared to brands like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. The company achieve a remarkable success among local consumers and, in 2023 Q3, its sales experienced a remarkable surge of over 30% […]

Shein’s market strategy: how the Chinese fast-fashion brand is conquering the West

shein marketing strategy

Shein is now the largest Chinese cross-border fast fashion e-commerce company. The e-tailing brand reaches consumers in the United States, France, Russia, Germany, and over 150 other countries. In 2023, the app had over 261.9 million downloads, with over 53 million users worldwide. The e-commerce platform stands out as one of the most rapidly expanding fashion retail websites in the […]