COTTI COFFEE: From rapid rise to operational backlash

The coffee industry in China has experienced rapid expansion in recent years, with over 50,000 new stores opening annually. While Luckin Coffee currently holds a dominant position in the market, the emergence of new players like COTTI COFFEE (库迪咖啡) is expected to intensify competition and challenge its supremacy. A new chapter: COTTI COFFEE’s journey from […]

Yum China’s weaving success through digitalization, localization, and CSR

Yum China holds a pivotal position in China’s F&B industry, being a key player with a diverse portfolio of well-established brands. The company, formerly known as Yum! Brands China Division, became independently listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2016, under the ticker symbol YUMC, with its headquarters in Shanghai. As of February 8, […]

[Webinar] South Korea’s MZ Generation

MZ Generation

The MZ Generation (MZ세대), encompassing both Millennials and Gen Z, has emerged as a crucial consumer demographic drawing widespread attention. As popular as the term is, it is often misused and overly generalized, not just by individuals but also by the media. To shed light on the accurate characterization of this consumer group, Daxue Consulting […]

HEYTEA’s path to buzz in China and beyond through digital marketing and co-branding


Established in Guangdong in 2012, HEYTEA (喜茶) is a new-style tea drink brand that blends traditional Chinese tea culture with modern aesthetics, acclaimed for inventive teas and chic outlets. As of May 2023, it boasts 241 stores across China, concentrating on first and second-tier cities in the East and South. Moreover, the brand’s international growth is noteworthy, […]

China’s bakery industry amid health-conscious trends and digital delights

China's bakery industry

The baked goods market in China gained momentum in 1980 and experienced significant growth between 2000 and 2010. During this period, numerous foreign brands entered the Chinese market, establishing baked goods as a popular breakfast choice for many Chinese people. In 2022, China’s baking industry surged to RMB 285.3 billion, continuing its post-pandemic recovery and […]

Xiaohongshu’s Foodie Marathon boosts Shanghai’s culinary scene

xiaohongshu's foodie marathon

On the 17th of July 2023, the Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu launched the “100 Stores Exploration Plan” (100家探店计划), which will end on the 31st of December, 2023. This event was launched in several big cities like Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing. The event involves visiting 100 stores and sharing relevant posts on the platform. […]

Starbucks in China: from market leader to runner-up in the coffee craze

Starbucks in china

Starbucks (星巴克 in Chinese) is one of the biggest coffee shop franchises in the world. Its history began in 1971, when the first store was opened in Seattle. Since then, the chain had a non-stop development and, as of 2023, it counts more than 32,000 stores in 80 countries. Starbucks was also the first ever […]

Convenience stores in South Korea: transcending the mere label of convenience

convenience stores in South Korea

Convenience stores in South Korea are continuing to grow, surpassing 50,000 stores in 2022. CU, GS25, and 7-Eleven are three of the biggest convenience store chains in the country. With these three leaders, the market size for convenience stores in South Korea is expected to be USD 25.08 billion in 2023, marking an estimated growth […]

Blending tradition and trend in the world’s largest tea market

tea market in china

China hailed as the birthplace of tea with a rich history spanning over 4,000 years, stands as the epicenter of the world’s largest tea market. There are 7 types of tea in China: green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, dark tea, and floral tea. In 2022, the production in the tea […]