Made-in-China wine: Chinese winemakers are upgrading their production

China has entered into the top 10 world’s biggest wine-producing countries. The past decade has seen the planting of over 120,000 hectares of vineyards, with eight large-scale regions and more than 200 wineries emerging. Chinese wines, like Australian wines, are considered new world wines- a term used by sommeliers to describe wines which are not […]

[Webinar] China’s wine & spirit industry barometer

China wine and spirits webinar

At over 311 billion USD in size, China’s alcohol market is growing and at a new stage of evolution. Gen Z and women are growing demographics and are shifting the drinking culture from the dominant domestic Baijiu to wine and imported spirits. This report created in collaboration with Sopexa, an international F&B communications agency, goes […]

KFC, the most ‘sustainable’ F&B brand in China: PR Miracle or Reality?


As early as 1987, KFC entered the Chinese market and rapidly expanded. As of December 2021, KFC in China holds over 8,100 outlets across 1,600 cities. To attract Chinese consumers and cater to the Chinese taste, KFC in China has glocalized its menus – offering not only its signature fried chicken, but traditional Chinese options […]

China Guochao Marketing Report

Download our report on Guochao marketing in China Guochao (literally “national trend”) refers to the increase in consumer favoritism towards Chinese brands, designs, and culture. Guochao consumers embrace Chinese cultural designs and products made in China. To learn more about China’s Guochao trend, we conducted in-depth interviews with Chinese gen-z from all over the country. […]

Chinese F&B brands’ secrets to success report

Download our Chinese F&B brands’ secrets to success The food and beverage sector in China is continuing to develop and upgrade. China’s food market size was 114.3 billion RMB in 2019, while the beverage market size was 57.9 billion RMB. China’s increased health awareness drives sales for categories like milk and nuts, while snack, soft […]