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Baidu marketing at a glance: How to do search engine marketing in China

Baidu sem services

In June 2023, China boasted a staggering internet user base exceeding 1.07 billion, showcasing a robust internet penetration rate of 76.4%, surpassing the global average of 65.7%. This pervasive internet presence has seamlessly woven into the fabric of Chinese society, influencing every facet of daily life. Leveraging this transformative trend, businesses are strategically amplifying their […]

China’s semiconductor industry: Seeking for self-sufficiency amid global political tensions

Semiconductors are the brains of all electronic devices, from microwaves to mobile phones and from drones to automobiles. They are essential components that allow the development of technologies crucial for economic growth, national safety, and global competitiveness. Therefore, countries are competing to win the semiconductor industry race and gain a competitive edge. However, with the […]

Global Horizon: Chinese home appliance overseas expansion

By home appliance (or household appliance), we mean the hardware that can provide value in the household, ranging from traditional white goods (like “four major appliances” of televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners) to cleaning equipment and home IoT ecosystems. From January to May 2023, China exported over 1.42 billion household appliances, generating about […]

China’s rise in global cloud computing dominance

cloud computing in china

Cloud computing has become a fundamental element of modern computing and mobile devices. It involves the integration of services, such as storage, databases, networks, and software which are not in a specific electronic device, but over the internet, or the “cloud”. The term gained prominence in 2006, when Amazon introduced AWS (Amazon Web Service) in […]

Lost in translation: eBay and Amazon’s China challenge and exit strategy

ebay and amazon in china

Amazon and eBay are household names across the world. Amazon, which initially started as a bookstore, made its name as a global e-commerce giant that changed the landscape of online retail. eBay, on the other hand, became synonymous with online auctions and provided a platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to reach a worldwide audience […]

PayPal in China: Aiming for a slice of the cross-border transactions market

paypal in china

Born in California in 1998 under the name of “Confinity”, PayPal is an online payment system which allows users to send and receive money around the world after associating a credit card or bank account. The platform has the record for the world’s first digital payment platform, and the it’s the oldest which is still […]

Dating apps in China: Meet the platforms bringing China’s singles together

dating industry in China

Balancing work, personal development, social and romantic life is becoming increasingly challenging for Chinese people due to the fast pace of the modern environment. This leaves a lot of singles without life partners, especially in big cities. Recent data released by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs reveals that the rate drastically decreased from approximately 13.5 […]

Artificial intelligence in China: from manufacturing hub to global tech innovator

artificial intelligence in china

Over time, China is gradually moving away from its cheap-mass-production-based economy and is progressing up the value chain toward the innovative field, especially in high-tech. In particular, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in China has emerged as a pivotal domain of innovation, becoming a critical factor in different segments of the economy. China has become a global […]

How Chinese video streaming platforms are adapting to the rise of short videos

China’s video streaming platforms

In 2022, China boasted a thriving and highly developed internet ecosystem, with over 1 billion users and and impressive internet penetration rate of 76.5%. This vibrant digital landscape provides ample opportunities for improvement in various aspects of digital life. Chinese users are known to spend extended periods on internet platforms, especially via their mobile devices. […]

How Chinese mobile games are conquering the global mobile gaming market

Chinese mobile games are bringing the globe on an epic gaming adventure. It is estimated that in 2023, the global mobile game market revenue will reach $286.5 billion. Chinese companies are eyeing foreign markets to expand their reach. Understanding the US mobile game market: key insights on US players The penetration rate of smartphones in […]

Why China’s mobile app market requires a different strategy than the West

Over the last decades, China has become one of the world’s major economic powers in the technology sector. When it comes to apps, the country’s market is undisputedly ranking first in the globe for size and revenues. However, China’s mobile app market has developed differently than in the West and foreign companies might find it […]