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Focus group: La Vache qui Rit in China

As the first cheese brand in the whole world, the most popular La Vache qui Rit was born in France, having a history of more than 90 years.

Now the company is all over the world, with recognition and preference of consumers from over 100 countries and regions: Globally, there are over 10 million “La Vache qui Rit” cheeses purchased every day, that is, over 115 cheeses every second on average. La Vache qui Rit has expanded all around the globe, but goes by different names in different countries such as “The Laughing Cow” in English-speaking countries, “Vessiolaia bourionka” in Russian-speaking areas, and it has already become a legendary brand. The laughing red cow, high-quality cheese, unique packaging, these all became well-recognized symbols of La Vache qui Rit in the hearts of consumers everywhere.

The Evolution of La Vache qui Rit

The Laughing Cow is almost always depicted wearing earrings that looked like boxes of cheese, red and joyful. Leon Bel trademarked his brand, calling it  “La Vache qui rit,” in France on April 16, 1921. This patent was the very first branded cheese product registered in France. Bel had made the original drawing for the laughing cow himself, after seeing a travelling meat wagon during World War I called “La Wachkyrie,” a play on the word for Valkyrie. In the initial design, the laughing cow was not laughing, was not red and did not wear earrings. In 1924, Benjamin Rabier, a famous illustrator, edited the drawing into something more similar to the company’s logo today.

Focus on La Vache qui Rit in China


Laughing Cow cheese is available in its original flavor, a light version with 7% fat, and an ultra-light version with 3% fat. In addition, flavored versions of the cheese (such as ham, gruyère, garlic, paprika, mushroom, bleu, hazelnut, pizza and onion) are also available in various markets worldwide. Bite-size cubes of Laughing Cow are flavored in various countries and are designed to be eaten with alcoholic drinks at parties; these cubes are marketed under Cheez & Fun in many European countries, and also Apéricube in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, Belcube in Japan and South Korea. They are produced in 24- or 48-cube boxes of one flavour or of a particular theme.

Current Position of La Vache qui Rit in China

Despite La Vache qui Rit’s global success, its has yet to penetrate the Chinese market . The only way Chinese customers can enjoy its delicious cheeses is  to either go to France or go to one of the few foreign goods shops in Beijing and Shanghai that  provide La Vache qui Rit products.

Unlike in Europe, cheese is not regularly consumed everyday in typical Chinese lifestyle. However, as it continues to rapidly expand, the Chinese market has become a part of the global market. La Vache qui Rit should consider its market strategy in China by developing recipes and adapting them to Chinese tastes if they hope to enter the Chinese market.

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Picture source: wiki, La Vache qui Rit