Focus on Wharton in China

Located in Philadelphia, Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania is one of the world’s best business schools. Born in year 1881, it is the first business school in American universities. The goal of this business school is to teach business related knowledge, and train professional people to lead the world and speed up its development in the future. Wharton has profound influence in all aspects concerning business, including global strategy, finance, risk and insurance, public health, law and morality, fixed asset, and public policy. Its mode of business education stresses leadership, and the ability of innovation.

The Wharton School not only trains future business elites, but also studies deep into the business world. Also, it is the world’s top innovator of business knowledge. To realize this goal, it has to master inter-disciplinary methods and associate these methods closely with the business world. The 18 research centers of Wharton have been shouldering such responsibility. The fields these research centers study into include: leadership and emergency problem dealing, starting business, e-commerce and business revolutions. In these research centers, professors, students and business people sit together to discuss and analyze problems.

Currently, Wharton has over 300 experienced teachers and professors, over 4,600 undergraduates, MBAs, EMBAs and Ph.Ds. Also, there are over 8,000 senior executives who take classes. Its over 80,000 graduates form the biggest alumni network for business schools in the world. Wharton now has alumni associations in 73 districts in the world, and 47 of them are not in America. These provide chances of career and personal development for schoolmates. Some if its schoolmates have become successful businessmen or statesmen. These include the president & CEO of Estee Lauder Companies, Leonard Lauder, CEO of Deutsche Post AG, Klaus Zumwinkel, the famous ‘stock god ‘ Warren Buffet, the famous Chinese economist Lang Xianping(郎咸平), and vice president of Fidelity, Peter Lynch.

In December 1st, 2005, Wharton announced that it was having its agency in China. This agency will take charge of Wharton’s study for China market, complete Wharton’s website in Chinese, develop new courses for senior executives and other programs related to China.

In November, 2005, the officers in Shanghai(上海) government had 3 weeks of course in leadership and administration in San Francisco and Philadelphia. Professor Stephen Kobrin was in charge of this program.

Also, there are programs for enterprises. Volkswagen(上海) had its senior managers took market strategy courses in Wharton given by Professors David Rubinstein and John Zhang.

Up to the end of 2011, Wharton has had 1,800 Chinese sgraduates, who have all received the advanced and systematical education of Wharton, and made outstanding contribution to the development of China economy.

By cooperating with its graduates in China, Wharton has established cooperation relationships with many big companies in China, which can provide Wharton with many good students, and provide internships and jobs for Wharton’s graduates. Also, Wharton can help these companies to train their employees.

Over 1/3 of Wharton’s students are from countries other than America, which means that students can get to know many different cultures here. Since the world is now globalizing, it is important to have knowledge of other cultures.

Wharton has cooperation programs with many famous business schools in China. Changjiang Business School(长江商学院), and the business schools of Tsinghua University and Peking University are all its cooperators. However, Wharton’s ambition is not just this. In recent years, it has been considering the possibility that it sets up a branch school in China. Having a branch can attract more Chinese students to study at Wharton, and make it easier for Wharton and China to communicate. Also, it is considering have another agency in Beijing(北京). Together with that in Shanghai(上海), they will increase Wharton’s influence and reputation in China.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consultant China

Credit Photo: Baidu

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