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Market entry in China for manufacturing industry

China Development Strategy - Manufacture Industry

Our client is a battery manufacturer. They approached Daxue Consulting seeking to enter the Chinese market to sell its product, but they needed a stronger understanding of the market. Daxue Consulting provided them with a complete market sizing and a comprehensive analysis of opportunities to assist them in planning their market entry.


The Market Opportunity in China

China’s lead-acid battery industry has been growing rapidly. It has a current market size of CNY 150.8 billion, growing 24% from the previous year. China is seeing stable sales growth in common products that contain lead-acid batteries such as automobiles, motorcycles, and moped scooters.

The lithium ion battery industry has seen particularly strong growth as the technology matures and is adopted more widely.


Case Description – Market entry in China for manufacturing industry

Our client is an international battery manufacturer. It had been selling its products in China through distribution partners for over 15 years, but it has decided that it is time to enter the Chinese market directly.

In order to enter the Chinese market, our client was looking for information on the Chinese battery market. Our client was especially looking for information about the electric vehicle segment, the floor cleaning machine segment, and the aerial work platforms segment.

The central research objective was to assess the prospects of each segment for the next five to ten years and to identify new potential markets.

What We Did – Market entry in China for manufacturing industry


We broke down our tailor-made research plan into three steps: Market Prospects and New Opportunities, Competition Assessment, and Customer Identification, Sizing, and Targeting.



Our final analysis contained a market overview, market sizing, and a one-by-one competitor analysis.