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NEIWAI X MANNER: Two Shanghai brands set the summer mood together

On April 18, two Shanghai brands NEIWAI (内外), the lingerie brand, together with MANNER, a coffee shop chain, announced the joint collaboration “NEIWAI x MANNER Special Tunning Series.” First, they launched a new series of matcha drinks. This series includes three products: Ice Matcha Latte (冰抹茶拿铁), Hot Matcha Latte (热抹茶拿铁) and Wizard of Oz (绿野仙踪) which contains a shot of espresso. Secondly, NEIWAI launched the NEIWAI PETITE collection for 2021’s women. So, this collection can be purchased in the official NEIWAI mini-program from April 19 to May 9.

Source: Image WeChat official MANNER COFFEE, campaign NEIWAI x MANNER, 2021
Source: Image WeChat official NEIWAI, campaign NEIWAI x MANNER, 2021


Source: Image WeChat official NEIWAI, campaign NEIWAI x MANNER, 2021

As part of the collaboration, NEIWAI and MANNER announced a draw on their official accounts; where about 100 participants can win a prize. To clarify, the prize will be a bra from NEIWAI and a box of drip bag coffee from MANNER. The terms of the draw are as follows: while buying any three drinks of the Matcha coffee series at any MANNER stores, the buyer must take a photo in a cafe and publish it on Xiaohongshu, accompanying the post with hashtags #NEIWAI|兼有 and #MANNER, also marking two accounts @NEIWAI|内外与 and @MANNER COFFEE.

Source: Image WeChat official NEIWAI, campaign NEIWAI x MANNER, 2021, raffle gifts-bra NEIWAI & Drip bag coffee from MANNER

NEIWAI’s Body positivity campaign “No Body is nobody”

NEIWAI is a Chinese close-fitting clothing lifestyle brand, which was founded in 2012. Starting from “making a piece of lingerie that gives people physical and mental freedom”, the brand has developed into a lifestyle brand focusing on comfortable underwear, home clothing, sportswear, and so on.

Source: Image WeChat official NEIWAI, No Body is nobody, March 2021

NEIWAI’s body positivity campaign named “No Body is Nobody” was a big hit. So, this campaign featured a diverse group of Chinese women of many ages, skin tones and sizes; and focused on more profound issues like body image anxiety, and acceptance towards different skin tones, body shapes, ages. Following the campaign, many women have shared the importance of “allowing ourselves to be ourselves” (允许自己作为这样的自己存在). Increasingly more Chinese women are realizing the power they have to own their identities, breaking open the century-old beauty standards. (Explore more on the Chinese shapewear market.)

Manner is booming in the coffee industry

MANNER COFFEE was founded by husband and wife Han Yulong and Lu Jianxia. According to the Equal Ocean, MANNER started out with 2 square meter cafes. Six months later MANNER received its first investment from Temasek, totaling US $1.3 billion.

For example, the price of classic Manner coffee is between 10 and 25 RMB, of which espresso and Americanos are 10 RMB and 15 RMB, respectively. Latte, cappuccino and mocha vary depending on specifications, and the price for one cup of coffee ranges from 20-25 RMB. This places Manner at a lower price than competitors like Starbucks and Costa Coffee, but with a reputation of being high quality. (Learn more about the China’s coffee market.)

Author: Erkeaiym Kylymbekova

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