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Retail & distribution strategies (5/6): implement your strategy

Set-up the tools to be visible online: SNS strategy, Chinese Internet presence, Sentiment analysis,  competition analysis online. Daxue Consulting has developed tools to monitor the web.
SNS strategy. Social networks are essential to build a communication. People follow your feeds and you can inform them of your new services or products.
–Set-up of the equivalents to Twitter and Facebook in China: weibo, renren, kaixin,
–Animate the SNS tools to drive traffic and test the strategies,
–This is a cost effective way to test your strategies in a real environment.
Chinese internet presence. Daxue can build a presence on the internet in China.
–Set-up a website
–Optimize the ranking of the website (SEO)
–Presence on Baidu Tieba, Baidu Zhidao, Baidu Baike, etc …
Sentiment analysis. Daxue Consulting is able to analyze the sentiments on your products.
–Tool to collect the sentiment on your key words
–We differentiate positive and negative sentiments
–Analysis and executive summary
Competition analysis online. The aim is to track your competitors online. Daxue will make it possible to get in a nutshell all the activity of your competitors.
–Analysis of the competition online
–Report built and summed up in a PDF