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Retail & distribution in China (1/6): learn from previous experiences

Before entering a market, we recommend you to lead a research on previous experiences regarding international competitors, local competitors and your own initiatives when you expanded into foreign countries.

To reach this goal, we suggest:

–A documentary research screening the English and Chinese internet through various methodologies.
–Qualitative interviews with experts
–Qualitative interviews with competitors
–Internal data-room processing


Step 1: Documentary research. Daxue Consulting is going to screen data to gather the most informative and effective information on your sector

–The objective is to find the maximum number of documents related to your business and area,
–We are screening the English, Chinese and even other languages if necessary (for instance, as for luxury brands, it worths screening the web in French and as for cars, it worths screening the web in German),
–We then screen in our databases. We get access to dozens of relevant databases through our subscriptions. The collected data are more macro-oriented than micro-oriented but aims at targeting the right piece of information and getting broad directions.

Step 2: Qualitative interviews with experts. Daxue Consulting is going to interview people to gather information on your market and get to the point more directly and accurately.

–We pre-select regarded experts in your field either because they teach the subject, either they used to work in this field,
–We set-up an ad hoc questionnaire to interview them,
–We interview the experts and write an executive summary.

Step 3: Research on competitors. Daxue Consulting is going to interview competitors and get information in real situations.

–We directly interview competitors to get information with our own efficient methodologies,
–We interview competitor’s clients through specific tools,
–We interview former employees from the targeted companies, an get information from them
–Mystery shopping in competitors’ points of sales,
–Store-checks to understand the strategy of the competitor (Points of sales, advertisement on the POS, etc.).


Step 4: Analysis of the company’s previous expansion experiences. Daxue Consulting will analyze the previous expansion strategies of the client in order to better forecast the next steps and challenges. 

–We  meet with you and analyze how they expanded to new markets,
–We meet with the salespersons from your company  to get their views on the challenges of expansion and the solutions they found,
–We meet with the management to understand their internal processes, logistic issues (key for luxury brands for instance) and marketing strategies in the previous expansion  projects