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Generation Z women transform China’s motorcycle market as two-wheeler aesthetics hits mainstream

chinas motorcycle market

Embracing the thrill of motor travel and motocross has evolved into a cultural phenomenon. On popular platforms such as Xiaohongshu, “motorcycle” yields over 3.93 million notes, while on Weibo, the motorcycle topic boasts 28,000 posts and 387,000 followers, securing the sixth position in the automotive category. Douyin further amplifies this trend, with motorcycle-related videos garnering […]

Roaming roads abroad: China’s automotive industry triumphs from local to global

china's automotive industry

China boasts the world’s largest and most rapidly growing automotive market, leading globally in terms of both car sales and production. China’s automotive industry has stepped up expansion in 2023, with a growing emphasis on overseas markets. Chinese car brands like BYD have successfully established themselves in overseas markets such as Asia-Pacific, Africa, the Middle […]

Volvo China is facing challenges despite prospering in Europe

Volvo in China

China makes up 20% of Volvo’s global sales. Volvo’s retail sales are the highest in Europe (50%), followed by China, and the US (15%). The best-selling car line is XC-models (56%), which include SUVs cars, followed by V-models (29%), which include medium-sized and large cars, and S-models (15%), which are sedans. In 2018, Volvo broke […]

Auto Sector in China – From Production to Car Ownership

Auto Sector in China

To know more about the Auto Sector in China, contact us at Auto Sector in China  According to a conservative estimate, the auto sector in China will grow tenfold between 2005 and 2030, which implies that the number of cars produced in China will amount to approximately 57 million units. Until recently, Chinese car manufacturers […]