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Shadows and surges: the evolving landscape of plastic surgery in China 

Cosmetics surgery market in China

In the bustling streets of modern China, a new trend is quietly reshaping the nation’s perception of beauty and self-improvement. Plastic surgery, once a taboo topic, has surged in popularity. According to Mob Research Institute in 2021, nearly 80% of post-95s in China express appearance anxiety, with 4.5% experiencing severe anxiety, believing that cosmetic surgery […]

Rising demand for high-protection drives the sunscreen market in China

sunscreen market in China

As Chinese consumers become more aware of the importance of skin health, the use of sunscreen is no longer limited to sunny summer days. Nowadays, people in China regularly apply sunscreen even during colder seasons when the sun’s rays are not as intense. This shift in behavior is only one of the many reasons behind […]

How C-beauty brand Timage is leveraging social media to grow its consumer base

Timage (彩棠) is a Chinese makeup brand. During 2022 Douyin Double 11, it performed exceptionally well, ranking among the top ten highest-selling makeup companies. Timage has been growing non-stop for the past year and a half. How was it able to increase popularity so drastically? The pandemic caused temporary setback for China’s beauty industry Due […]

Guerlain in China: Perfume market strategies from 1993 to today


French premier luxury brand Guerlain under the LVMH group is one of the most successful foreign brands who has built a wide presence in the cosmetics market in China, particularly skincare, make-up, and perfume. Over the years, it has learned to adjust its marketing strategies – particularly those involving its products, engaging campaigns, and consumer […]

How Winona became the #1 brand for sensitive skin in China

Winona China market strategy

Winona, founded in 2008, is a Chinese skincare brand that specifically targets sensitive skin. Although faced with many strong incumbents in the industry, Winona was able to appeal to customers and rank number one in the sensitive skincare category in 2020. In June 2020, Winona’s parent company Yunnan Botanee Group, a biotechnology manufacturer, filed for […]

Florasis is conquering the Chinese beauty market with elegantly oriental products

Florasis Chinese cosmetics brand

The Florasis brand was founded on March 8, 2017 in Hangzhou, China. In Chinese language the brand name is pronounced Hua Xizi (花西子), which means “make up with flowers”. It refers to the use of floral ingredients in their cosmetics. Xizi is also the honorary name for one of the ancient Chinese beauties. This Chinese cosmetics brand hopes to […]

The secret to how CHIOTURE grew by 500 million RMB, nearly three-fold, in one year

Chioture China market strategy

CHIOTURE (稚优泉) is a Chinese cosmetics brand that focuses on becoming a “Global Cosmetic Fashion Catcher”. It is committed to customizing exclusive makeup for every individual. CHIOTURE integrates trendy colors and eyes-catching elements to create a creative cosmetic brand full of vitality “Lifestyle”. Source: CHIOTURE, Brand logo The transformation of CHIOTURE From 2017 to 2018: […]

How brands can reach Chinese male beauty consumers

Marketing to reach Chinese male beauty consumers

A few years ago, the perception of beauty market was that it was a market primarily, if not strictly, for women. However, in recent years, the tides in China’s beauty market have begun to turn. Chinese men have become more aware of their appearance and have an increased need for beauty products. While beauty brands […]

Comparing foreign vs. domestic brand approaches to cosmetics marketing in China

cosmetics marketing in China foreign vs domestic brands

Foreign cosmetics brands have historically taken a larger market share in China; in 2018 they took 70% of the cosmetics market. However in 2020, Chinese domestic cosmetic brands are giving foreign brands a run for their money. In fact, when it comes to amount of attention received from cosmetics fans, seven of the ten top […]

Marie Dalgar: a Chinese cosmetic brand gaining international momentum

Marie Dalgar: Chinese cosmetics brand

Masa Cui (崔晓红), an engineer for a lighting factory in Foshan, Guangdong Province, grew tired of her boring working environment. So, she brought color to her work life by founding her makeup brand Marie Dalgar, which is now rising quickly to be one of the top domestic Chinese cosmetics brands. History of Marie Dalgar In […]