Durex’s curry fish balls on the streets, and in the sheets… April fools!


On April 1st, 2022, Durex Hong Kong released its April Fools campaign on Instagram – savoring a series of new flavored condoms that ventured away from the typical fruit scents, instead, opting for traditional Cantonese dishes. The four flavors depicted are braised eggplant in garlic sauce (鱼香茄子), braised pork belly with preserved vegetables (梅菜扣肉), creamed corn with […]

Durex in China and its clever e-marketing

durex in China

Durex China accounts for a large market share of the promising condom market When choosing a product once called “an armor against pleasure, and a cobweb against infection,” people tend to go for trusted brands. That is why well-known condoms such as Durex and Okamoto have such huge market shares. Ever since it dntered the Chinese market in […]

The adult toys market in China: untapped economic potential

adult toys market in China

Over the past 20 years, China has become more and more open. Sex is still a sensitive subject but consumer attitudes and the policies of the Chinese government are more flexible. The adult toys market in China is unfolding and is largely untapped.  Download our report on China’s adult toys market E-commerce, brand image, strong consumer […]