COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumption

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumer behavior

COVID-19 impact on Chinese consumption had unique outcomes in every industry. For example, mobile games and short-video markets experienced tremendous growth, while restaurants and services struggled to make ends meet. What Chinese people did at home during the epidemic The main lock-downs of the Coronavirus epidemic in China lasted over two months. However, as China’s […]

China Paradigm 87: Learning business innovation in China through cooking

business innovation in China

Matthieu David interviews Sandrine Delabrière, Innovation & Strategic marketing consultant, Food expert – certified Chef, instructor & author. Is innovation something that can be taught? In this episode, we learn about teaching innovation through cooking and how Sandrine has managed to build her company by helping other companies think strategically and creatively. Her workshops are […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #15: How to successfully run a coffee shop chain in China

coffee in China podcast

In this episode of China paradigm, Matthieu David, CEO of Daxue Consulting, catches up with Carol Liu, who managed up to 5 coffee shops in China she co-created with her husband. Liu’s Coffee chain “Big Sur” is serving 500 coffee cups a day and emphasizes high quality, using top-notch coffee machines and bean-grinding machinery from […]