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The restaurant market in China: adapting to evolving consumer tastes and technologies

restaurant market in china

The restaurant market in China has witnessed a significant rebound following the pandemic. In 2023, the Chinese food service market reached RMB 5.2 trillion (USD 717.6 billion), marking a 20.6% year-on-year increase, and essentially returning the market scale of the catering industry to pre-pandemic levels. In the near future, the growth rate of the catering […]

China’s food & beverage industry white paper

The shifting dynamics of Chinese dietary habits reflect a complex blend of socio-economic and cultural influences. With rising prosperity and heightened health awareness, consumers are increasingly valuing quality and freshness in their food choices, driving a trend toward premiumization. This shift extends to beverages, where the burgeoning popularity of healthier options and the coffee craze […]

Successful co-founders on how to scale a restaurant business in China by creating unique and adaptable restaurant brands: China Paradigm transcript #112 with Gennadii Bochkar and Chen Feng

Gennadii Bochkar and Chen Feng are co-founders of a chain of restaurant bars in China. Shanghai residents will be very familiar with some of their brands such as Bites & Brews, Blue Frog, Barbarian, and Nomad among others. Here, they offer insights into how to successfully scale a restaurant business in China. They don’t concentrate […]

China Paradigm 103: Creating 5 iconic restaurants in 3 different Asian cities

restaurant business in China

Run restaurants in Asia Matthieu David interviews Philippe Ricard, Founder of La Creperie in Asia. The restaurant business in Asia and all around the world took a big hit with the coronavirus outbreak. But there are some places that can survive anything. La Creperie is a well-established brand in China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong because […]

China Paradigm 54: Marketing French cuisine and wine in China

french restaurant in China

Charles Carrard, China General Manager of chez Boisset la Famille des Grands Vins, speaks with Matthieu David about opening a French restaurant in China and running wine business. In this episode of China Paradigm, Charles talks about his personal career path, the challenges of running restaurants in China and the ”New Retail“ wine business. 1:51 […]

Podcast transcript #33: Behind the scenes of China’s healthy food market

China healthy food market

Find here the China paradigm episode 33. Learn more about how to run a business in China’s healthy food market and find all the details and additional links below. Matthieu David: Hello, everyone. I am Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting, and this China marketing podcast, China Paradigm. Today, I am with Benjamin Patin. […]

Podcast transcript #9: the keys to success in opening a food business in China

Podcast food China

Find here the full transcript of China paradigm episode 9. Learn more about Florent Bonnefoy’s story in China and find all the details and additional links below. BECOME AN EXPERT OF CHINA’S FOOD INDUSTRY BY LISTENING TO THIS PODCAST Matthieu: I’m today with Florent Bonnefoy, founder of Bonnefoy + Partners since last year. He started his […]

Facts and Trends of China’s Restaurant Industry

China's Restaurant Industry

China’s Restaurant Industry The growth of the country’s restaurant sector in 2014 increased for the first time in the past four years. Revenue of China’s restaurant sector reached 2.79 trillion yuan (US$445.5 billion) in 2014, up 9.7% from 2013, according to the latest data released by China Cuisine Association (CCA). The growth in the restaurant […]