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[Podcast] China Paradigm #31: How to build a team of intellectually curious translators in China

China Paradigm interviews Matt Conger, CEO of Cadence Translate, a company that serves both companies and linguists (which includes interpreters, transcriptionists and translators in China) by connecting competent and intellectually curious linguists to businesses. Cadence Translate fulfils over 1000 translation jobs a month globally and has 2,500 linguists at the company. The company prides itself on prioritizing due diligence and ensuring linguists understand the concepts behind the content they are interpreting.

Highlights of this episode include:

  • How they integrate technology into their business practices
  • How the company does matchmaking between client and linguists
  • How the benefits of raising investment go beyond cash
  • The innovative pricing model of the business
  • Principles of company culture and the value of finding employees who are intellectually curious
  • How Matt stays updated on China’s financial markets

China paradigm is a China business podcast sponsored by Daxue Consulting where we interview successful entrepreneurs about their businesses in China. You can access all available episodes from the China paradigm Youtube page.

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