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How brand independence can maximize profits | workshop in Shanghai

One-Day Training and Workshops On Brand Independence

🗓️ Date: March 5th, 2020, from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm (including breakfast and lunch)

📍 Location: Jiaotong University

🎓 Within one day, learn how to:

✅ Gain independence from marketplaces like Tmall, JD, and others;

✅ Define a Unique Positioning for your brand website;

✅ Develop your private traffic and your community.

💰 Price: 390 RMB for MBA students, 520 RMB for start-ups, 590 RMB for established companies (include breakfast, lunch and all the coffee you need to be full of energy).

🧧 Discount: – 30% for early bird booked before February 20th. For group prices (more than 3 people), we apply special discounts, ask us!

Why you want to achieve brand independence in China

Brand independence is when a brand does not rely on third parties like online marketplaces to sell products. In other words, it is when a brand draws clients directly to their website instead of an online marketplace.

Why is brand independence advantageous?

Firstly, brand independence creates a stronger brand image, which keeps your product on top of mind of potential customers. Rather than searching for the product on an online marketplace where your products are listed alongside your competitors, customers directly to your website. Secondly, your brand owns the traffic it draws. You do not need to share the traffic with competitors in the marketplace. The way your product is shown on the market place is not subject to the algorithms of third-party platforms, which may not work in your favor. With brand independence, customer data is yours to analyze and is not hidden or filtered by a third party site. It is the most transparent way to know how customers spend time looking at your products online.

In addition, brand independence is cost-effective. Brands must give around 15% of your sales commission to Amazon (when you sell in the West) or 6 – 10% of your sales commission to TMall (when you sell in China). And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

We invite you to a seminar to analyze whether brand independence is right for you and answer all your questions.

To register for the event, scan the QR code below! More information about the event location will be emailed to you shortly.

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